Truth of the 2012 drama

I never thought the day would come when i would come to the ER realm forums to talk about what happened to me on this server… but I do have Yhanna to thank for stating the summary of the truth. Now let me introduce myself. The name is Baranalot and I am the one that torched the realm. I know a lot of the new players would be angry about what I had done. But before you pass any judgement on the situation you deserve to know the start, middle, and finish. In the end, I want to see ER come back in a better state than the husk I left behind. I ask for you to listen to that story on my discord channel
I will be in to talk. Unlike what people might have told you, I am a victim of the community that was destroyed. is the discord address I will tell, and answer your questions. Because the only way for ER to heal is for everything to come out openly.