True Multiboxing Alie and well, blizz doesnt care

Its fairly simple to multicast or dot the same spell almost instantly without hardware or software.

You use your keyboard hardware to set alt tab to work on just a single key press. We will call that key 1

On your main wow window, bind your spell to key 2

On your other wow windows, make a /assist macro /cast spell and have it assist your main window character and cast the spell, also bind to key 2.

So all you have to do is press 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 as fast as you can and you now have 5 corruptions on you. Remember to press 1 again to go back to main window.

You will also have to edit windows settings to progress yout alt tabs in order, and not prioritize your previous screen

I’m a veteran ex software boxer myself for years and am dam good at the alt tab game on 4 accounts when I put them on follow and I get what you are saying. But, this is 100% software, its obvious when everything is cast at the same exact time within milliseconds. No way anyone is getting 5 toons to cast at that timing even with the setup you mentioned. Although I like the idea.

Without any third-party* hardware or software may be more accurate, as what you describe is using hardware (your keyboard), and software (granted, it’s likely software that comes with your OS) to send keyboard commands to particular client instances.

Whether this may result in account actions or not is questionable at best, imo.

We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way.

I fully get this and agree, I hate multiboxers and have even taken screenshots… Ya know when you see a player with the name ZXC1, ZXC2, ZXC3, ZXC4, ZXC5… YEA thats a multiboxer when they all can attack a mob in sync…

However, dont confuse a player with two accounts having a character on /follow to help them with a quest. I do that with my main when my alt runs into issues with hard mobs… Thats not multiboxing… Thats just someone using two monitors to play two accounts.

I did mean software, such as Razer Synapse, my bad.

But this is simply remapping your keys, it doesn’t mirror keystrokes, so it doesn’t break TOS. It works the same as remapping keys to mouse buttons.

Though with the black widow macro function, you could configure one key to press that combination of 2121212121 in a matter of milliseconds. Which is questionable.

With how many people that use synapse, I don’t think blizzard could enforce anything against it using auto detection, though we all know no one is going to manually review any reports because that would require hiring gms.

Well, AFAIK, there hasn’t been a ToS for years. It was superseded by the EULA. And as far as the actual wording on what is considered actionable, check the official documentation:

Which points to the post quoted above as the official forum post.

We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way.

Especially note, “streamline multi-boxing in any way,” and I’d loop right back to:

Nah, blizz needs to do something about it if they’re breaking ToS.

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I don’t think they care anymore dude. Just look how the current state of the game is. It makes me sad. I cant find groups for anything, at all. From 1-70. Nothing but RMT fueled boost and runs. It makes me sad :(. Im just going to play wrath untill Ashes of creation comes out. Then ill probably never play again. I want too though. Ive been playing since original tbc. I just can’t keep begging these people anymore. Its time for most of us to move on to another game and at this rate ill do this after killing LK one last time. Im sure many others will do the same.

Man, think about how much money blizzard would save in having to have GM’s and ban accounts if they just allowed us to multibox with software again. I used to multibox on multiple accounts, but once they updated ToS and told us we couldn’t, I cancelled the subs on all my other accounts. Saves me money in the long run, but damn I miss being able to do dailys on multiple characters at once. We can solve this problem of “Are they boxing with software or /following” by simply allowing us to multibox again.



it be 10 shots.

and some from other pvp games are going okay…what is the difference if its 1 person in a multibox or 10 people. so not much rabbble rabble there.

you are dead. I can name a few systems in eve if you don’t burn off gate right quick…you are dead to 10 other people in local. 1 or 10 people actually? Seeing your pod it doesn’t matter.

and well…now you are paying for 10 accounts. or tokening it. means you got season 4 to fire up soon for carries/farm. Not sure how that goes…is that even in ptr to see how tuning is going?

You’re this invested in a video game? Damn dog.

Yes, its been my hobby for many, many years. I fell in love with this genre after playing runescape as a child. Wow was top shelf back then. They’re more bottom shelf now unfortunately.

Damn yo.

Here go to and type in your zip code. I think therapy would really help.

every time I’ve reported one, I almost always get an ingame notification that an action has been taken against an account based on my report within a couple days. Responses aren’t immediate but they do seem to ban multi-boxers regularly.

Bruh its called being passionate about your hobby. Its 2am and you’re on the forums, trolling it seems. Take your own advice?


I’m not trolling? I find that disrespectful when I’m sitting here at 2am trying to help a fellow out with the impact this game has taken on their health.

Lol I see all this “girl” (guy in real life) does on here is troll… every topic


Wow. That’s extremely disrespectful to take shots at my gender and just assume I’m a guy even though it clearly says girl in my name.

What they are probably using is the 'Activate window on mouseover ’ feature built into windows.

Basically you load up your accounts and divide them up on your one monitor into 5 squares all the same size.

Then you enable the mouse via a windows registry edit to bring the screen that the cursor is on to the front making it the active window. This then allows any key press too affect that window.

The player has to just press the one keybind while quickly mousing over each window to make every account cast what ever is bound to that key.

This cursor can be moved between each window very fast making it look like broadcasting when in fact it is not.

They call it the ‘Round Robin’ method.

A Multiboxer will always find a way to stay with in the rules.


Telling someone to seek mental help on a internet forum isn’t “disrespectful”?

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