Trophy of strife vendor gone?

we need to get the upgrade vendor shutdown ASAP. if u have 16 strife trophys u can upgrade all wpvp peaces of gear for free… i repeat the upgrading for wpvp gear is bugged…

Doesn’t work they broke it atm.

A fair few things have broken. :dracthyr_sweat:

its not broken pple are spamming in chat that u can upgrade wpvp gear for free
ton of pple are at the vendor on my server and there getting full 385 uprades

Took me a while to figure out. They should just have the old vendor have a message saying that Corinax (or whatever their name is), is now the vendor.

I would imagine it would’ve been a simple solution to any confusion.

Yup. So the scoop is:

The original vendor for upgrades no longer does them.

The general upgrade vendor is where you go for the upgrades now. However, when you upgrade an item the trophies stay in your bags (an obvious glitch). But they do not work to upgrade another item. I know because I thought, ‘Wow. Cool. Maybe you can upgrade everything for nothing!’ Well, and of course to make sure to report it to Blizzard so they can downgrade my gear if needed! Ha ha–being the honest person I am to the core–of course that.

its a tooltip error. once u buy it it says 421 again

Yep,visual bug only

They fixed it then because I tested it last night and upgraded 4 pieces without ever losing any of my trophies

I am at that vendor and whenever I drag in some Drakebreaker blue gear - I get the red error on the right-hand side of the dialog box that says, “This item can no longer be upgraded.”

Me too. I cant upgrade my blue leggings.

It must be temporarily down. Last night I was able to upgrade the last piece of upgradeable gear on my rogue, and I still have 9 trophies left in my bags right now. Today, I just completed the sparks quest on my priest and went to upgrade a piece of gear and cannot do it. I don’t know if there’s an announcement for it, but it’s definitely down for the time being.

TY for taking the Forum Trust Level hit for me :pray:t2:

after the maintenance, malicia still bugged? doesn’t sell anything still?