Troll or Zandalari druid?

Zandalari look really cool but blue tiger for troll looks really neat, but for some reason troll has a very generic boomkin form unless I am blind?

What say yall? And do you think we need more features on troll boomkin?

Both trolls have unique Druid forms, regular Troll has better racials which aren’t going to matter unless you’re in a progression guild. Pick whichever you like more cosmetically. Zanda Moonkin is one of a kind, although I find some of the animations can get a bit tedious.

All about zandalari aquatic form


I prefer reg. trolls, if I was any other class id pick them, but because Zandalari troll druids get unique forms I went with them. All the forms for old druid races look outdated compared to Zandalari and Kultirans

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You can fight boomkin mobs with the same skin as troll druid form.

There is nothing troll influenced about the form.

I like both trolls. The zandalari have a more primal feel and the moonkin and aquatic forms are just amazing. The primal stalker appearance from legion also seems to fit their cat form best as its armor is in zandalari style plus Kimbul is their tiger loa unlike darkspear follow a panther loa.

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Highmountain or bust

Unlike trolls, they do have a unique boomkin form.

You can only have :sauropod: forms on one of these races…why is this even a debate?

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Cause blue tigers with troll tusks are cool.

I made a Druid Class Trial Zandalari just last night just to see how the model’s looked. I like the casting animations and the upright troll model but I do not like the forms or the Balance Form. I considered using the glyph for the Boomkin then I looked back at my Tauren and said to myself “Self you are damn sexy” and deleted the class trial.

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if you want play Feral or Guardian choose Zandalari because their Racial Pa´ku(proc buff 4% crit for 12 seconds ) or Regeneration(100% hp over 6 sec channeling)

troll for power
ztroll for appearance

just decide which is more valuable to you. mind you the dps difference isn’t that grand

Tauren for PvP OG Troll for PvE

Necro would benefit from both with fleshcraft for Tauren and their hps and also the dot haste from trolls.

Id prefer the heal from Zandalari for pvp but all are good in their own right