Troll or Orc Hunter?

How big of a difference does the 5%+ pet damage make?

Orc only option.

Trolls look dumb.


Troll has a better PVE Racial but orcs get stun resist.

depends if you would rather be like 5% better in PVE or have those resist moments that make people rage in pvp.

your call

I don’t see Tauren as an option anywhere

does berserking alone make up for bloodfury and the 5%+ pet damage on orcs?

No way is troll better in pve.

If you go melee hunter you get +5% pet damage and blood fury.


Orc if youre going to play BM. Troll for anything else.

Berserking is an absolute insane damage boost. It cannot be underestimated.

Its still behind orc tho.

Negative. Blood Fury is static. berserking scales with what youre using. It overtakes BF pretty fast.

Im literally simming full bis hunter right now and orc wins out no matter what i do.



Its very simple. Sub-200 AP for a duration or attacking 20% more during the same duration.

For any class that has a large portion of their damage from autos, Berserking has better scaling and better throughput.

But you go ahead and believe the sims. Not like a single typo or decimal out of place doesnt render them completely useless.

Ill stick with believing what 20 years playing WoW tells me.


If you are on a PvP server, go orc. Also it’s even better if you run as a melee hunter because the orc racial effects melee attack power.

I mean no matter what you do orc is better.

Maybe that will change at 60 but with current gear Troll is losing.

Troll is better for melee PVE, not sure about hunters but its troll > orc for rogue/war

Also not true.

Atleast for rogues orc is better.

It seems that at 60 the bow skill will be moot based on devs claiming you will be able to get said skill on any race so that is out.

Blood fury only works for melee in this version of the game. If you only want to pve with range builds, it doesn’t help you.

If you want to pvp at all, orc all the way for the stun resist. It flat out wins you fights. As horde you will be getting a lot of hammer of justice casts on you.

If melee in pve, blood fury vs berserking often people don’t consider fight length ie could you get the 2 minute cool down blood fury in twice during the fight when you would only be able to get 1 berserking?

It also doesnt help that you have to somehow lose hp on purpose for Berserking to even be decent at 30%.

Not sure how much HP needs to be lost for that.

Why is orc better for rogues, isnt it base melee AP? or do rogues just get way more AP?

Idk how it will be at 60 with that gear, but current sims have Orc>Troll for melee.