Troll Heritage Quest

Finished up the Troll Heritage armor and… wow. It did exactly what it needed to.

For those who haven’t done it and and don’t care about spoilers, it’s probably mostly what you expect: A questline revolving around the Darkspear’s relationship with their Loa and reconnecting with their past.

Things it did well:

  • Bwonsamdi returns and is shown to be extremely supportive towards the Darkspear
  • Two new Loa are introduced: Kevo ya Siti, Loa of Cunning, and Lukou, Loa of Regeneration. Both are fun new faces that I hope return. Lukou, in particular, has a lot of fun potential regarding Troll lore.
  • Hakkar followers are still up to shenanigans.
  • Our favorite Loa of Trash joins the Darkspear Pantheon!
  • Rokhan is finally given a spotlight, allowing him to breath as a character.
  • Mueh’zala is shown to still be attempting to scheme his way out of Bwonsamdi’s grip.


  • Other Darkspear Loa are ignored
  • Many Darkspear Characters did not make an appearance
  • Not enough time spent on the trial/ritual itself
  • Weak antagonist
  • Poor Gadrin. Man can’t keep an apprentice
  • Why does the mask cover my nose!?

Its a very Strong A tier quest imo


Does Hakkar have any appearance or is just his followers up to mischief?

Just his followers. One of the new Loa is hunting his followers and stealing their offerings just to slow Hakkar’s return down.


I was actually pretty disappointed with it. It felt very short. I did like that we got to see some lesser known Loas, I didn’t really like that we had to reference Shadowlands lore but it’s pretty much unavoidable.

It felt like a C tier quest to me. Just passable. It’s missing some meat.


That’s rather cool. I really like the loa vs loa conflict they have going on and the confirmation that Hakkar is returning. It honestly makes me wonder if he could end up appearing in Midnight.


Maybe. Zul’Aman is called out by name in the Harbinger questline.

Bwonsamdi also makes a point to note that other tribes, Amani among them, are quick to abandon/turn on their Loa when scared.

As much as I’d like the Amani to join the fold, its looking like they’re barreling towards being fodder again. I can see Hakkar making his play there.


Gotcha, well at least we still have the Revantusk for playable Forest Trolls. Make it happen, Blizzard.


Bwon’s ending line is such a sour note on a good quest imo. At a time when draenei and elves are getting reunification nods, it almost feels like trolls might get denied that for the sake of elevating the darkspear.


So I was initially put off by the mask and called it dishonest for being heritage because it wasnt a troll heritage practice, but with the introduction of the new loa and how they were forgotten really helped me accept it and enjoy it.

Jani is charming, but I don’t like that a joke loa, largely associated with trash played such a large part in this quest.

I went through this questline pretty quickly, but was there even a single mention of Vol’jin?

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There was not, but I’m not upset about it personally. I wasn’t expecting his ressurection during this quest.

If Vol’jin is going to come back, I think it would be in a less exclusive questline. It would have to be something more than just the trolls get to see, like how everyone got to see the cutscene where Tyrande and Malfurion reunite.


No Dambala. No Gonk. No return of Vol’jin. Rokhan not important enough for his own model. The scarf is so ugly I cry.

Man they really do not like to write stuff for trolls it seems. The Draenei one seems like a love letter in comparison. This has to be the weakest of the quests we got so far.

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It was ok, but the draenei one was better. At this point, all the Heritage quests should have ended with a grand party with as many named npc as possible attending. I think that is what makes the draenei/orc ones top teir.


I will do it for the mog but ignore the lore from it. They forgot Dambala was the patron of the shadow hunters for some odd reasons.

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Um, I don’t think they forgot Dambala. It’s more that Dambala is dead. Like the big dead. Dead and not coming back dead.


so another Horde stuff turned evil and then killed. I am so tired man.


If you want to consider a character that appeared literally a single time in the entire franchise as “Horde stuff turned evil and then killed” then I don’t know what to tell you.


They took all old stuff they could find and removed it while the bad replacements are crap. I don’t want new stuff I want what the alliance got since the RTS games where all their original stuff they used to have are still alive and getting new stories.

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Dambala’s first and only appearance was in Shadowlands and the first canon reference to Dambala was in BfA. Dambala is not old stuff. It’s basically brand new.