Trinity and PW:S changes

Trinity pvp talent probably needs to be updated to work off of renew rather than (or in addition to) PW:S given the CD PW:S has in the new system. Otherwise this great talent that makes the class actually playable in RBGs is getting a serious nerf.

Or just make Atonement 30s baseline rather than 15! :). 15s is just too short with all of the disruptions happening in RBGs.


This definitely needs to be looked at!

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I suggested this too in my you tube video on dragon flight priest. Good priest know how vital trinity is and its going to take a hit from these changes to power word shield.

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Has there been any updates to this or any other pvp talents for priests?

Will probably get sorted in the tuning that’s coming up.

Along with Shield Discipline, Contrition (hopefully) and Light’s Wrath.

Yup. I’ve been keeping away from talking about tuning specifically, but this one realistically just needs ‘renew’ added to it.

I’m taking Shield Discipline in dungeons right now, TBH. Since I’m casting off CD, it’s pretty close to the same mana regen but without adding another global to the rotation with solace. Granted, it could maybe be buffed up to .75 or something. But buff it too much and it just becomes the easy choice.

Contrition DOES heal more now. The tooltip on the beta doesn’t update, but with 2 points it does increase and it heals more than penance used offensively - unless it’s buffed by Equilibrium/Schism. That said, it still kinda sucks because we lose PTW spread and harsh discipline so it’s nowhere near worth 2 talent points right now.

Well they nerfed radiance right into the dirt so that hurt disc in pvp right from the get go! To match the heal meters of a shammy output I basically have to shield everyone and spam purge on anything g the moves and offence penance and whatever else I can get off then shield again.radiance when I can. Go oom …. Run back into combat Rinse and repeat and that’ll barely keep you up with a spam happy shammy just healing off totems and munching on some cheetohs. Our single target should be less mana and more jam!


That would definitely be nice QoL for the spec.

Thats not a quality of life change thats a recipie for opness. Quality of life changes are things that make our lives easier without making us over the top op. Yes lets rock up to raid with a 30 second atonement. Screw it, lets run 5 disc priests. great dps and stagger the atonement so there is permenant atonement up by someone.

Call the white truck,padded cells await

I think you might be overstating things a little bit. At one point, atonement was a passive that healed through damage with effective 100% uptime and no maintenance whatsoever, and Blizz balanced around it.

I’m sure it could be balanced in any number of ways (a cap, mana costs, tweaking pass-through %, DPS changes, etc. etc.). Not sure why the spec has to be ramping so often - does that make the gameplay more fun?


when this was true our damage only healed 1 person at a time not 17+

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True enough - let myself get nostalgic for MoP disc, where atonement was a relatively minor part of the spec for lower damage phases - and disc had access to a whole, fully functional healing toolkit.


I been warning and saying the same things. I just quit after, I got push back from the PvE community. Disc in PvP is looking really bad. Don’t get me started on mana issues in PvP.

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Yeah they are bound and determined to have everyone in pvp be a guardian Druid boomie or resto! F every other class ever


I know. I was there :slight_smile: But As emmery already said it healed one person and atonement helped your healing whearas now atonement IS the healing.

I take issue with this. What you mean is we dont have access to holy spells like we used to. We have out own kit now. I dont need to list it because i presume you know what it is. But its a full kit, just different then holy was. Saying that we are now getting some holy back so i presume you should be happy

Saying all that. Cata-Mop, WoD etc. atonement healing was smite etc and it lacked. There was no player skill in that. smite = healed. Im not dissing back then because it was back then and i had a lot of fun, but disc has evolved and we must evolve with it. We are unmatched in burst raid healing. Unmatched. If you can play disc properly. Which is the key issue and why people want old disc back, cause it easier then and a lot of people struggle to play current disc with enough profficiency.

I under stand nostalga. I played vanilla in the day. I way prefer to level in classic then retail. I also think 80’s 90’s music is better then post 2000 where its all same same. I get it. Time moves on sadly

Still no update on Trinity being changed. Hopefully the devs haven’t forgotten about it.


I hope the devs aren’t just leaving trinity as it is and this is how it’s intended by them to work.

Don’t worry, either right before or couple weeks in, they will realize they forgot it, and some dev who has never played priest for more than an hour will “fix” it by making a talent no one ever takes.

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Still no fix in sight

QQ :(. RIP disc priest RBGs.