Tried Ultimate Penitence

And it shot like 50 penance bolts at the boss and let a low party member die. Safe to say this talent is not a smart heal.


lmfao big penance like:

:eye:You know what you did.:eye:


It prioritizes what you target. If you target an enemy and cast it fires bolts at the boss. If you target a party member, it fires bolts at party members.

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put up atonement

I so far have not tried this talent. Other talents are looking great though. I am having a blast so far in war mode, world pvp, and bgs. It probably depends on your talents, but when other factions have a lot of trouble with you when one of them follows you and thinks, Oh, easy pk, a priest healer; and then you not only hold your ground but send them running or decimate them, it feels very nice.

Cast a radiance first then the ability, and it definitely hits all targets

Atonement definitely helps.

Uppies needs to be used AFTER throwing atonement’s out. If you’re just casting it and hoping it “smart heals” a party member, 9/10 they’re gonna die. Make sure you cast PwR and Mindbender before you throw out Ultimate Penance.