Tried SV hunter.... I just want to know why?

Didn’t they rip abilities from BM in an attempt to make it unique.

u wanna know what is funny. thats what they said about ranged sv. it was too similar to the other specs. but right now melee survival is more similar to bm than ranged survival was to any spec in the game. melee survival is almost copy paste bm but melee.

To be fair, gameplay wise it is extremely different to BM especially with Wildfire Bomb. But there’s no ignoring that it copies a lot from BM. Kill Command is the obvious example. Coordinated Assault is just a renamed Bestial Wrath, and Spirit Bond was originally a BM thing yet it’s now SV’s mastery.

It’s a very annoying trend and it does expose the whole “we want to make it distinct!” talk as the lie it always was. Ranged SV did not lift abilities from MM like this yet every uninformed melee brain insists they were too similar. Now not only do they defend it when it’s done to BM but many even encourage it further. Lately I’ve seen many SV Hunters demand Exotic Pets for SV, including chief SV Hunter apologist Maizou herself.


So really, the only thing that makes it unique is it’s melee hunter, that’s it. So unique, a melee spec in place of a spec that had more uniqueness, but we’ll just ignore that so the MSV crowd can keep themselves under the illusion it’s unique.

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yup definitely. i am not advocating for a melee hunter in any sense of the matter. it just dont make sense. but if any spec at all ever had to be melee, then bm was the only true spec that could of pulled it off from a real life tarzan type standpoint, a fantasy, story / lore and make any sense at all stand point.

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In fact, let me follow up on this.

Maizou, why do you advocate SV stealing even more of BM’s unique stuff despite ostensibly believing SV was made melee exactly to prevent this sort of overlapping?

P.S. Black Arrow was always a high priority for SV Hunters and every single WotLK guide says so despite your poor gaslighting attempts.


Isn’t the real problem having dps classes with 3 dps specs? From a design point you’d want them to be different in some way from each other. But why though? Just make sure at least one of those specs can be either a tank or a healer.

Also I never really found a problem with survival, just another dps spec at the end of the day. Let’s put it like this if it was really good then every hunter would be playing it.

Honestly this just seems like willful ignorance to prove a point. Arms and Fury are quite clearly the sword master/standard warrior archetype vs the raging berserker archetype. Just the name makes it clear. Even if you don’t play warrior it’s understood visually near immediately from the weapons and in combat rather quickly by the visuals. The name, outward appearance, spell effects, and kit all lend to it. (Although Arms could do better reinforcing it’s identity IMO).

Survival should have been a healing spec.

The name is perfect for it.

Did… did you just race change?

And thank you for the link, I missed that thread. I’ll be adding my thoughts later when I get home.

…but he’s not? He throws throwing axes and uses Misha to tank. Well, in heroes of the storm, at least.

BM would have made a better melee spec imo.

BM IS kind of a melee spec. All the important damage comes from the pets which almost universally fight in melee range.

Nah, they were whining

That’s why I think it would have made more sense to convert it to the actual melee spec and preserve two (real) ranged options.

wing clip is to slow crap down to pop a sting dot and an arcane when for some reason pet agro ain’t holding.

also fun times getting melee weapons. enters oh…all weapons hunter weapons? crap. yes…they are! I need melee too. for when pet agro fails. Not like I like to take an hour to kill greys to level melee really. I get enough fun leveling bow, crossbow and guns. I learned your best drop…may not be a bow. train em all really.

I got lucky on this one. Cheap as hell bop blue 2 handed sword on the AH one day. It wiped out all my rogue made in outland for a day or 2 but the price was very fair and no complaints even if large for a level 35 at the time.

Its gonna be “BIS” for me for quite a while. Haven’t seen a better deal days after.

He does both actually.

This is true. The only abilities that require a melee weapon is muzzle and killshot. Its kinda retarded because the animation for killshot is a crossbow. Why then does it require a melee weapon? It doesnt make any sense.

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I hate the dumb crossbow. I’d rather get serpent strike and kill strike than see that stupid crossbow all the time.

If melee is survivals fantasy then serpent sting shouldnt be ranged crossbow. It should be a melee spear animation.

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