Tree Flickering

In Nazmir, there are two green trees that have fallen over and as the player approaches them, they flicker rapidly.

Location: Sethrak Front
Repeat Glitch: Start on the path going North by the NPC Chadwick Paxton. The Player will observe that the tree immediately North of the NPC flickers rapidly while standing next to the NPC and while riding on the path. The Green Tree opposite side of the path from NPC Chadwick Paxton also flickers rapidly.

Update: All of the green trees which appear to have fallen over or are broken halfway up their trunks, exhibit this flickering during the flight from Zul’Jan to Gloom Hollow and especially along the flight path over flying the Zalamak area.

Update: While doing the World Quest River Troll in the Frogmarsh area a patter was noticed in that pressing ALT-Z to remove the User Interface caused the flickering to stop. Standing in another area, pressing ALT-Z to return the User Interface to the screen stopped the flickering.

Notes: The Green Trees are the same model. The flickering is so bad that is not only extremely distracting while trying to complete the quest, it is giving me a headache.

The flickering is obvious and distracting towards game play.

Former Activision QAMN :smiley:

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I know this is kind of an old post, i found it googling a possible solution. Messing around in the settings i found that when i disabled multisample alpha-test, the flickering went away completely.

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OMG, thank you Duckgoquack! I can confirm that this works.