Traveler's Log Progress Reset

Was just wondering, has anyone else had the traveler’s log progress bar reset on them? I completed about 5 challenges in the log, logged out for a bit, came back, and the progress bar was reset to zero and I lost the hundred tenders I had gotten so far.

Yes, but then it went back after I logged again.

I had that happen.

I switched servers and it came back, though from the sounds of it, relogging fixes it as well.

Well, relogging got me the progress back but didn’t get the 100 tenders back :frowning:

Yup, I was bar away from the mount, logged out, logged back in, and then I had zero progress.

I went back to the TP and there was a turn-in for “Return to the TP” which rewarded 100 tender points.

So, I’m back to only 100 points.

I also did a Seige of Dragonbane keep, which also supposed to rewards points on the traveler’s log, but it didn’t give me credit or points for completing it.

Feels like we’re in a beta, because this system was not properly tested.

Blizzard’s quality control has tanked majorly this expansion. They used to make the most polished games. I don’t know what happened to QA this time around.

I agree their QA is lacking, but at the same time I also realize WoW probably has millions of lines of code and trying to test every outcome of every situation is probably impossible at this point.

Kind of the point to test all that code before throwing it to the consumer as a finished product. You wouldnt want your automated Tesla making a random hard turn to the right in rush hour traffic on the highway because the QA testers didnt want to test all the code would you?

20 sweet and sour packs please.

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You’re not gonna die in WoW if your 100 tokens delete themselves are you? I get your point, but that’s a bad comparison.

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My point was that Blizzard is tossing out very, very broken content like the Trading post lately, and banking on people who think like you. “It’ll bother them its busted, but theyll get over it”, because Blizzard knows just like Runestones in Hearthstone, they can do things diabolical like runestones and all of Diablo Immortal and people will just have to get over it, do you know why, because WoW is a drug, most of us are addicts, and Blizzard is the dealer.

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To compare further, even as life/death important the Teslas automated systems are and the 100’s of thousands of simulated hours they are put through… they WILL kill more people.

So its no surprise when some bugs crop up in a little feature in a video game. People act like these things in WoW should have been vetted by NASA. Small annoyances in the grand scheme.


Think like me? I think their QA is lacking, at the same time I think expecting millions of lines of code to test with every different variable in a game with hundreds of thousands of different variables is pretty much impossible, I don’t understand your argument that everything has to be perfect all the time, I don’t like that its not, but I understand it.

I mean true, but we’re not talking about a company the size of Daybreak with Everquest or Broadsword with DAoC, we’re talking about a multi-billion dollar corporation who is putting out buggy and incomplete products more often thsn not. When people completely ignorant to IT issues can spot these bugs almost instantly, there is a breakdown in the WoW team somewhere. They need to go back to hiring talent based on experience and passion vs hiring a diversity quota, because from their horrid PR ads on Facebook pre-release to all these buggy hotfixes, you can tell theyve sacrificed hiring passionate employees to anyone who fits a profile that gets them a diversity award at the end of the year.

If you were/are a talented experienced coder, would you apply at Blizzard right now? I wouldn’t, just saying.

I wouldnt apply for a job anywhere in yhe state of California, but especially not Blizzard, i dont know what kind of transformation the company is going through, but for OG fans its clear there is some serious internal conflict on yhe direction they are trying to take this game, because outside of dungeons/raids its starting to get a bit silly lorewise and all.

I think even at the height of their success/passion for the IP… say WOTLKish… there were still tons of bugs. Argent Tournament was rife with bugs when it dropped. Its not an excuse but I think the whole “now that they have to fill quotas” narrative is a reach. Anyways… less bugs would be good, we agree there.

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I was halfway through completion and it reset while i was running tomb of sargeras

I completed the 1000 monthly … did not receive mount in the chest i reloged hoping the mount would be in the chest and not only was mount still not there but my progress bar reset to 0 … nothing changes after reloging … i submitted a ticket last night. This kind of stuff is ridiculous