Transport to SoD/World boss?

I found it. I thought it was a flight path between the cave and Korthia. But its the network that lets you travel to the Tremacculum and such.

Or you could just simply get some gliders and learn the gilder route too World Boss and Raid area…which is very easy to do …and skip all those elite trash mobs …

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That’s kinda the point of the portal. And even easier than running past trash to get to that point on a mountain to glide to a spot.


It puts you near the raid entrance. So it doesn’t work so well for the world boss. Which is fine, it was meant for the raid.

Mine is apparently broken. Because I have to fly from Korthia to Ve’nari, port to Perdition Hold, then port to Desmotaeron. Why the entire network wasn’t connected as flightpaths, I’ll never know.

I have the one to Desmotaeron, but not to Perdition Hold. It just got posted somewhere, but Blizzard put out a blue post clarifying that you have to clear SoD to get the Desmoateron transporter.

To be clear, the Desmotaeron Animaflow is available to any of your characters as long as one of your characters has the Sanctum of Domination achievement.

If for some reason it’s still unavailable, you may need to log in on the character with the achievement at least once.


I always thought it auto opened up with 9.1.5 as it did for me but now we know its because of the achievement for the raid. It’s easy enough to get if the tanks don’t leave mid lfr or if your in a raiding guild


A couple of vulpera could make camp next to the summoning stone and summon people in. For a price.

Honestly, kills on that world boss should count too and being able to teleport out to it every week with one less click wouldn’t hurt. As it stands now, it seems almost pointless to have restriction considering you can still go to hold first then use a waystone and get there just a few seconds slower. It’s a needless gating.


With all due respect, the requirement is useless to begin with. My concern is how long will Blizzard (which I realize you may not be able to answer for directly but you can at least pass the word along) continue this trend / this pattern?

  1. An announcement is made that [useful feature] is coming soon (but forget to mention really important parts like prerequisites to use said [useful feature])
  2. You implement said [useful feature].
  3. The community finds out that this feature has said prerequisites and is disappointed that nothing was said of the matter.

The announcement is made half-*** and Blizzard then wonders why people are upset.

Simultaneously you have another pattern going on as well.

  1. The community speaks out and asks for a solution to an obvious issue.
  2. Eventually, after some time, Blizzard supplies the solution.
  3. While being the good guy giving the solution the community asks for, Blizzard scuffs it by doing something absolutely unnecessary / retarded such as sticking an achievement requirement to use simple utility.


So there’s no misunderstanding here, I had no issue getting to the raid on any toon of mine. I was excited, presumably like everyone else, when I heard of this hotfix / change coming in to help folks out. The moment I read the news article saying “But wait! You can’t use this until you do this thing first” I also immediately thought “Why is Blizzard shooting themselves in the foot? Why do they continue to do this?”

For once it would be nice to see Blizzard implement something and it be just what it is. No strings attached, no hidden requirements until it’s live, no ridiculous shenanigans. Just pure convenience that’s straight forward and helpful to the player.

“You know what? Yeah. Here’s a teleport. It’s at this location. There you go. Enjoy. It’ll make your access to the raid easier.”


That would be why I don’t see the one for Desmotaeron. I only did Sylvanas on LFR to finish the story quest and didn’t do the rest of the raid. And as much as people like to say LFR is a “cakewalk”, it’s not enough of a “cakewalk” to make me wanna queue up for it more than once for story completion. There’s a host of things I’d rather do with my time than wipe in LFR… like watch paint dry, or scratch my nails across a chalkboard…


I’m sorry… you want me to clear a raid to get access to an area’s transportation?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This right here is exactly what I’m thinking, too. It reminds me of the exalted mount from Korthia. Long standing tradition of having mounts at exalted on rep vendors. BUT WAIT! Let’s put a completely ridiculous and insane achievement on it, too!

Blizz, c’mon… seriously. You’re not making this fun and engaging. You’re making it frustrating.

Just make the freaking flightpath network something we can ALL use like normal flightpaths when we discover an area and click on the flightmaster/flightpoint. How hard is this, really?


I believe it would have been great if the requirement was simply completing the SoD campaign and it was a flight path from Ven’ari from that portal thing that goes to Korthia. From what I can tell it’s a column thingy you need to click on to get there (anima flow whatever? Hardly paid attention to this stuff).


So you can only get it if you have done the raid?

Well, poopies to that. Not done the raid, not likely to, so I guess I get to slog through mobs like the casual commoner I am… :open_mouth:


You can still get there without the raid, but it’s in a different manner and it’s convoluted and stupid.

Fly from Korthia to Ve’nari. Take the quick travel thingy to Perdition Hold. Then take that quick travel thingy to Desmotaeron. But you’re not getting back. It’s one way.


Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame… could have just made it the portal flight path thing jeeeez



I try to keep up on the info, but sometimes, I miss things. Or I don’t understand how they work. While it seems like everyone else knows everything.

But this whole shortcut thing seemed so confusing, convoluted, and intertwined with so many machinations… I didn’t even begin to look into it. I just hoof my Characters there the old fashioned way.

The life of a Warlock means you usually have to get there on your own, to summon everyone else.

I wish Blizzard would communicate to the Players better. Maybe on the Forums? I mean, now I have a clue as to how I can acquire access to a short cut. I appreciate that a Blue responded. But some sort of clearer description of requirements would be great.

Thanks for the information, Kaivax. It will help, and it clears up confusion. It would be great if the super complex layers of systems and patches laid on top of each other, and disparate yet linked achievement requirements, were better defined.

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Well good to know, not super happy about having to do some LFR tho.

Just make sure to do it early. Longer you wait, the more likely you have fail groups. Even worth doing them backwards. Sylvanas, wing 3, wing 2 then wing 1

I love that most of the people having issues with the fact you need to do the raid are alliance players… Or at least seem to be posting on alliance characters…

Think it’s telling a story about the faction difference atm…