Transmog Bug: Something is up with the guild shirts

Ok, so this isn’t just me, but my hubby also.

This concerns an In-Game bug and ALSO a website/armory bug.

He prefers the longer sleeved common green quality Officer’s shirt, but whenever he tries to transmog it, it defaults to the common green quality Initiate’s shirt, which is a tank top.
For shiggles and gits, I tried the blue/purple quality shirts and they all seem to default to the blue quality Tailored Initiate’s Shirt, which is also a tank top style shirt.

Also, the character select shows we are wearing the actual shirt we SHOULD be transmogged to. But wait! There’s more!

To make matters even more hilarious, on the armory it shows him wearing the proper long sleeved shirt, bracers, pants and belt, but no gloves or boots(?!). He has the ‘missing’ items mogged on his character, but the armory on the WoW web site disagrees. (feel free to look up Krø on the armory, WrA, it won’t let me include links)

Also, when he logs out and back in, he goes from the appearance of the common green Initiate’s shirt, to the purple quality Artisan Officer’s Shirt.


I’m having the same issue. It’s often there when I log in, but soon as I change zones, or jump into a dungeon, I lose my Guild Shirt mog. Hope this gets sorted… it’s my favourite shirt.


Exactly the same issue, and till this day the bug is still on. When you log with a character with the xmog of a guild shirt it shows another one (i guess the artisan epic version), when you change to another zone it gaves you the initiate base shirt no matter wich version of the guild shirt you have selected to xmog. Also if you wear an epic guild tabard it shows you the standard one and you have to unequip and equip again to see the proper tabard you are using.


Just noticed this happening on my mage this morning.

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Yup same issue here and its really annoying.

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Not to Necro my own thread, but as of January 16, 2024 it’s still wonky.

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Guild shirts have been bugged for a total of 81 days now. This bug was introduced with patch 10.2 and we are now 11 days into 10.2.5 with still not a single word from Blizzard. Not even so much as an acknowledgement that they are bugged. Not even a “we’re working on it.” Nothing. My main’s transmog (along with countless others) have been ruined for EIGHTY-ONE DAYS, Blizzard. It’s a simple texture bug. Seriously, what is going on? You’re telling me you need 3 months to fix an invisible texture on a couple shirts?

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