Transition to Classic Guild Forming

Preparing for the day we have been waiting for! After 10 years, we are finally getting our home back, with that being said “BiCurious” on the “Draka” server is a new guild which is beginning with the intent of transitioning to Classic Vanilla once available. We will be doing BFA end game content and hope to build a community which is as excited for the launch of Classic as we are. I really hope to get this thing off the ground, surely a lot of you out there are open to this type of guild and want to be ready, set, go once Vanilla drops. Message me in game, . Dondelango#1326 if interested or just want to talk about the “now”, I just came back to WoW and had Functionally been out since WotLK. I am looking so forward to seeing how this Guild grows and can only do it with your partnerships!