Transfers from Skeram closed by mistake?

It was announced that transfers from Faerlina and Stalagg to Heartseeker were ending, but at the time when those server transfers where closed, transfers from Skeram to Heartseeker were closed as well with no warning. This seems like a mistake or oversight.

After seeing the announcement which specifically listed only Faerlina and Stalagg, myself and a group of others reasonably took that to mean we had further time to decide to transfer, but that was not the case.

I know nothing is likely to change but I didn’t see anyone talking about this.

It sure sucks when the government changes the rules on you

There was a warning less than 24 hours before it happened. Which I didn’t even see til it was over.

Happens basically everyday.

please refer to when they say “Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full.”

if you feel like you didn’t have notice, this was posted 2 weeks ago

dont need any more ally there, its already saturated.

Can you believe there are still these alliance cowards that want to transfer from skeram to heartseeker? It’s embarrassing…

They close the transfers when pops normalize. It’s always been a first come first served service

You’re right, they didn’t mention Skeram. They should open it up for another day so you and all your coward guildmates can flee here. I’ll be the first to welcome you with a corpse run!

says a 51 shammy to a 60 rogue?

It’s kind of weird. The Sep 19 notice lists 10 realms as FROM realms matching the same TO realm “Heartseeker” (a new realm).

And that notice says that transfers will stop (maybe without warning) when the TO realm becomes FULL. That is the only reason.

So yesterday’s “warning” incorrectly listed only 2 FROM realms. But it was correct in saying that free transfers TO Heartseeker were closing.