Transfers from RP-PvP to regular PvP servers?

When might we see the option to move our characters to other servers? I ask as I am on an RP-PvP server but do not want to transfer to the only 1 server they are offering.

I would rather move to a regular PvP server and with the amount of time I have invested into this character I really don’t want to start over if possible.

I know Blizz mentioned that character transfer services were something they were looking into, and we had this feature in this patch, just wasn’t sure what time frame we might see to give folks a paid way to move to another server.

that’s basically why most people are playing on grob. because it has pvp in it, and forget it is also a RP.

We had those available already. If you didn’t take them, it will probably be a month or more before they come back. If they come back.


As long as the only other NA RP PvP server is not full, that will likely (note that I said “likely” not “definitely”) be your only other option. Two things:

First, what is your issue with DD? Is it RP in general which means nothing as all you have to do is join the majority of people who are not rping while not harassing the people who are.

Second, you obviously put a lot of work into that character because it is a full 10 levels above cap and doesn’t even have a classic tag. No offense, but it is kind of hard to sympathize if you wont even post from at least an alt on the server you are supposedly on while indirectly taking a jab at the other like-type server.

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I assume they want to keep the rule sets the same thats why they only gave you the RP-PVP options

not true, only to another RPPVP server. This person is asking for a transfer to a regular pvp server.

You probably won’t ever see the option, although you should. It’s obviously easier to level/gear without the constant threat of being RP’d.

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There was a regular PVP server available in the transfer targets from Grobbulus in the most recent server transfers.

I forget which one. Heartseeker or Arcanite Reaper, maybe? Not sure.


Never saw it as an option when they offered it.

It was 100% true.

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eve if they offered it, I never saw that option when logging on when it was “full”.

This was never an option for our server. The most updated server transfers are from PvP servers to the new regional ones for other countries, but that’s it.

The reason I chose not to post on my alt for the specified realm (DD) is due to privacy reasons. I know quite a few players there and honestly don’t need them knowing I am considering making a change.

Very honestly though, I just don’t RP much and the guilds that are raiding either have a lot of drama going on with bad reputations, or do not have open spot for my current lvl 60 character, IE: too many tanks which is odd!

Anyhow, if I have to start fresh on say Arcanite Reaper which from what I did see there over the last few days (rolled a character on both factions to scan total numbers in each lvl range, deleted, and rolled other faction, rinse / repeat) - they seem pretty well balanced for population.

We all have our own reasons, I simply just wanted a way to transfer from 1 pvp server to another more openly.

There are never going to be free server transfers off DD.

Free server transfers are only for extremely overpopulated servers that need to bleed people. That’s not DD. We’re a target realm, not a source realm.


Exactly. Our population is such that there will most likely never be transfers off unless they introduce paid transfers.

My mistake. I assumed you were wanting to leave Grob. DD likely will not be getting transfers out until paid transfers come. It is a lower pop realm and the free transfers only come from overcrowded ones.

I really wish more has jumped off of grobby (non RPers) when they had the chance. Maybe RPPVP to PVP free transfers should be a permanent option.