Transferring here soon, LF guild H or A

I am transferring to Ravenholdt / Twisting Nether cluster and I’m looking for a laid back casual guild. I play a preservation evoker (433) but I am open to other healers, I have a Druid and Holy Priest at around 430ish I believe.

I haven’t played WoW in a while. I quit a while back due to health / family issues. I am 9/9H.

I’m not after anything super serious, I don’t care about chasing IO score right now. I’m interested in getting back into raiding and M+, though I haven’t healed in M+ for quite some time.

Hello Ithari,

We are not part of the cluster but would love to at least say we tried to reach out! If you feel like we can be a fit please reach out to us!


Primeval Ascension is a newly formed AOTC/M+ guild looking to add more people to our roster! We are currently looking for all classes and specs as we aspire to fill out or core AOTC raid team. We’re also open to social and M+ players as well!

Heroic raid are slotted for Mon/Tuesday 9-11:00 CST. With a possible normal/alt raid night in the works!

If you happen to be interest in M+ or raiding, but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry! We have no problems helping people learn! As long as you are willing to learn we are willing to teach!

• Everyone is welcome to join for M+!
• We will continue to run mythic+ keys throughout the week and have a dedicated

M+ section in discord people can post in for specific keys they want to do or if they need help getting slots filled for the vault!

• We would love to foster a solid M+ community with people interested in running all ranges of keys together even if they are not interested in joining the raid team!

Ultimately the goal in Primeval Ascension is to encourage a fun and friendly atmosphere for all types of players. We want our raid experiences to be enjoyable and stress free with a solid group of people! If this sounds like something you are interested to be part of, please reach out! We would love to have you!

We are here to have fun but progress in that order! Our goal is to provide a friendly, cooperative, fun, tightly knit raiding and M+ environment for people.

In order to achieve this goal, we are looking for members who exhibit the following qualities. Maturity, empathy, and competency. Be a good human and treat each other with respect and compassion.

If this sounds like the place for you, reach out to Campjo or Mixx_13 on discord MadeinJapan#11426 or DireRaven1216205 on Battle.Net