Transferred to a dead server!

Not according to ironforge your server has 342 alliance/357 horde. He is an alliance player and on Sulfuras alliance is around 50 actives and 1709 horde. Old Blanchy has 370 alliance/ 220 horde which is a total lower population than your server.

that is the real problem of the queues :rofl:, it is not to migrate but to enter your server.

I stay in Faerlina and suffer the consequences of the queues, why would I want a new server if a few fly around Azeroth, worse when there is no crossrealms for raids and pvp’s I think.

People need to stop using ironforge to gauge server populations… It literally only uses raid logs and pvp leader boards, people who have flocked back to classic for pre patch aren’t all jumping straight into raids or competitive pvp.

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The forums still think all of my characters are on grobb.

it’s kind of buggy. lol

and raids that purposely dont use raid logs (because they’re idiotic and just encourage toxic elitist behavior) don’t even show up on ironforge pro.

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Any “demographic” data available on third party websites should not be used as a basis for a decision around where to play.

Simply put, very limited information from those websites. They do NOT include things that make up a large part of the game and make thriving servers seem dead.

Interesting. I’ve mained the same server in Retail since launch day (Alleria), played in the same active guild for over 10 years, have built up a reliable bnet list of people I enjoy playing with, have joined Communities of people with similar interests… all without ever needing to reroll, pay to transfer, or sit through queues so ridiculous I wanted to quit. I know that’s not everyone’s experience, but it was mine. I have never once felt like I was less capable of socialization in light of having dozens of new means with which to socialize.

It’s crazy to me that a “design pillar” is NOT being able to play the game when you like, NOT being able to play with friends on a whim, and NOT being able to have confidence in the viability of where you invest your time… all so that we can have that warm fuzzy feeling when you see the same name of the druid as you did yesterday who yoinked the mining node you were fighting near.

Having a thriving raid environment is important for a lot of people.
IF.P is only representing a portion of the playerbase on any realm, but knowing that there are people that are already raiding there is important when deciding to xfer or not.
The only time IF.P should be disregarded as a possible metric when considering transferring/rerolling is for those who don’t, and won’t, raid.

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Your talking about software that is completely different from classic. The problem is not hardware capability is software … they are using an older client so those capabilities of everything xrealm ect isnt possible. They would have to rewrite the software and make it work with the original wrath coding.

I’m not sure that’s actually true… Classic was rebuilt on top of modern, Retail-based code by all accounts from what we were told by Blizzard. They actually made it one of their major talking points when it was in development, that all “original” code was being redone to work on their modern platform.

Furthermore, when Classic 1.13 was in beta test, there were testers who found they could use client-side remnants from Retail code on Classic to form cross-realm groups and move characters between realms. And after it was found, there was outcry and Blizz squashed it. That was in 2019.


right i did see that a couple mins ago but didnt they also have to make code to interpret the data to work with the new client?

Boy do I see where both sides are coming from here.
I do have to kind of agree with some people here in that, yes I loved Wrath, but thinking back on it I remember they started adding the instanced areas on top of areas and we all used to talk about how it would be nice if somehow all the servers were that way and you could just group with people from other servers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like that they are keeping Classic, classic right, that is important. However, shouldn’t some systems be considered as beneficial to even Classic servers?
If we could somehow go back in time to Wrath in the actual time of release I think most of us would be hoping for a system like that.
Not necessarily all the changes they have made. But server meshing would be a boon in my opinion.

Now, that being said, I totally get where those people are coming from that don’t want big changes like that.
It is a slippery slope. I do get that.
However, I don’t think adding this would make them go, oh, well lets also add in game systems from future renditions of the game.

This would be more like, hey, lets make Wrath better by making it the same, but with server connections.

But I digress. Nobody here is going to change anybody else’s mind. It is a lost cause trying to do so.
But I do see both sides.


You went to Old Blanchy, didn’t you?

Yes, but you should only be using IF.P to gauge thriving raid environments when we’re at the peak of WOTLK P1 raids… You shouldn’t be looking to it now to determine whether a server is worth transferring to… And if you are then you should at least be looking at the server pop during periods of TBC when raiding was at it’s peak, not now when people aren’t raiding.

Thousands of players have returned for pre patch who will be looking to raid in wotlk P1, myself included… IF.P doesn’t represent those people.

  1. The total active population is approaching full.
  2. The Alliance/Horde ratio is approaching 50/50.

If that faction balance trend holds, we’ll close Free Transfers and consider it a very fortunate result.

But we’re considering additional Alliance-only free transfers. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow afternoon.

Was just posted.

Not to mention sites like IF:P don’t update in real time. Like according to it, Sulfuras is dead with a whopping 1700 logs. Yet its being removed from free transfers because its now approaching full status. (10k+, with something like 40k transfers this week - If that number is to be trusted)

Guess you did kind of touch on it, i just didnt read it all the way - its getting late and im tired.

Exactly, people need to stop pushing IF.P as valued information lol…

IF.P thinks…

48 alliance
1.7k horde

Please stop pushing bad advice moving forward.


Yes, obviously IF.P isn’t going to be cutting edge information.
I’m talking more about historical data.
As a raider, according to IF.P’s past data, I would never xfer to, say, Earthfury, even though it very well may be a lively leveling experience otherwise.

I would also be hard pressed to xfer to Sulfuras because I don’t have any sort of proof that there has been a sizable influx of raiders to the server.

The community is using whatever aggregate we can get our hands on, since Blizz won’t publish any of the real numbers.


I still stand by this and will continue to say this. Thank you, though.


do you have any sources? Not doubting, but would really like to read more.