Transferred off... My experience

Will start out by saying if you want to stay on Angerforge, feel free. It’s not a bad server, I’m making this post so that casual players who don’t know any better can see what they’re missing out on…

The best example I can give is my own experience. I was sick of having to constantly PM and beg the few healing classes in /who list for dungeon/raid heals, so I went to Eranikus.

First 15 minutes on Eranikus, I created a pug for 25 man VoA and it filled. It filled! A pug! It was a miracle. Not to mention there were so many people PM’ing me for an invite, I didn’t even have to take anyone of the same class as me. After VoA, I joined one of the many pug EoE 25 mans, was summoned in and we killed it first try.

This scenario is a pipe dream on AF and if you’ve never played on another server you wouldn’t even know what you’re missing out on. Worth every penny of the $25, you don’t need a guild or a weekly schedule to clear content, you just do whatever you want. Had no idea this would be so much better.

agree well spoken, Angerforge is not good for new players to experience, and the toxic level is high for such a low pop dying server

WOW classic should have RDF and LFR. Everything about the game is known, it should just be easy for people to play when they want, especially if you are on a low pop server.

Honestly, I find it ironic that people want realm community of classic, but at the same time want to play on anonymous mega servers to fill parties quicker.

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grats on those gloves me dude