Transfer to Moon Guard Closed?

…dun dun DUUUUN :open_mouth:

…more likely they just ran into a bug. I transferred a character off Moon Guard yesterday with no problem at all. Plus, as others have pointed out, it wouldn’t make sense for such a high pop realm to be connected.

A transfer involves two realms. Moon Guard might not be scheduled for connections, but the one they are transferring from might be.

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doubtful its a bug, like Kalviery said, it can be either the origin realm or the destination realm, if moon guard is unaffected it would be because of the origional realm that the OP tried transferring from.

Still wierd that nothing for US has been released, we have the list for the KR and EU regions since sunday.


To be clear, this was not a bug. I would expect to see an announcement regarding realm connections soon.


I repeat…

Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUN :laughing:

Assuming OP was attempting to transfer the character they posted on… WrA is actually larger (being the largest RP server and 13th most populated server overall, according to’s realm list.) than MG, so it’d make even less sense to merge Connect a server to WrA.


Compiled RP Server Population Info
  1. Wyrmrest Accord: 168k players, 64% Horde, 36% Alliance
  2. Moon Guard: 166k players, 22% Horde, 78% Alliance
  3. Emerald Dream: 119k players, 53% Horde, 47% Alliance
  4. Blackwater Raiders, Cenarion Circle, Shadow Council, Sisters of Elune: 61k players, 43% Horde, 57% Alliance.
  5. Farstriders, Silver Hand, Thorium Brotherhood: 46k players, 42% Horde, 58% Alliance
  6. Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, Ravenholdt, The Venture Co., Twisting Nether: 41k players, 62% Horde, 38% Alliance
  7. Feathermoon, Scarlet Crusade: 36k players, 38% Horde, 62% Alliance
  8. Kirin Tor, Sentinels, Steamwheedle Cartel: 36k players, 42% Horde, 58% Alliance
  9. Argent Dawn, The Scryers: 35k players, 39% Horde, 61% Alliance
  10. Earthen Ring: 30k players, 59% Horde, 41% Alliance

Unless the merge was for faction balance and not just population.

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I’ve noticed a couple of the mergers have been really low-population realms merging with large-population realms, not just merging a bunch of low-population realms. That’s happening on both the NA and EU realms.

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and then you have to split them between east coast and west coast servers and you would get your connection options

From your list 1,2,4,5,7 are the west coast servers while 3,6,8,9,10 are the east coast ones…

Like others have said though there have been low population servers that get connected to high ones to help the low population server and even so there’s no guarantee that moon guard (or any other RP server) is on the list unless the OP also tried to transfer from an RP server… if its moonGuard or not thats blocking it I don’t know, I don’t want to risk 25 Euros to test something that blizzard will undoubtably announce soon, and the OP hasn’t said what realm he tried transferring from.

I mean, that’s not exactly a split that matters, considering that Drenden was a EST server and Arathor was a PST server, yet Drenden-Arathor became a thing (and was also PST)…

As to “A low pop server could be Connected with a high pop server to help out with faction imbalance”: The largest Connected server I can find is [Dreadmaul, Frostmourne, Thaurissan] with a population of 182k players (…and a 21% Horde, 79% Alliance balance…). So while yes, that’s a valid idea, it’s not a 100% guarantee that faction imbalance is the reason behind a Connection.

I’m guessing Blizzard probably doesn’t want to have a Connected server with more than ~200k population, so WrA or MG can really only be Connected to Earthen Ring at most (and ER should probably be Connected to MG since the Horde population there is in dire need of more people).

EDIT: (Odd… I guess jumped the gun on linking Dreadmaul-Thaurissan with Frostmourne.)

your confusing the server locale with a realms timezone which is irrelevant.

Both of these were and still are west coast servers that are hosted in the Los Angeles data centre.

I dont know why frostmourne/Thaurissian is on the list, those servers were successfully connected already

EU Blackhand/Blackmoore say otherwise.

They are connecting Dreadmaul to them.

Dreadmaul has always been connected to Thaurissian and the connection to Frostmourne went through successfully last week. This cluster is already connected.

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I see what you mean.

So, this week’s announcement doesn’t have anything about MG, unless I missed it. So, do we know if transfers are still blocked?

I am on Argent, and really hope we get connected to another realm.

There shouldn’t be an issue with Moon Guard being a destination. If the realm someone is transferring from is on the list of connected realms though, that would cause an issue. That is our guess as to why Vzradhak had an issue.

If I read his profile correctly, he was on WRA which isn’t on the list.

Without giving away any information about the OP -

The realm they recently transferred from is on the list for connections this week. So if they’re trying to transfer another character from that same realm then they are affected by the pre-connection work that limits transfers.


Ah, ok, thanks.

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