Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

I don’t understand your point here.

What exactly did they do wrong? They’re relieving the massive queue issue on Skyfury.

What else do you want?

They announced Angerforge as a NEW Fresh Start server. They obviously already knew they were going to allow transfers from Skyfury when this occured. They shouldn’t have advertised the new server the way they did. People left all their realms to level up on this one with a fresh realm. Only 3 days in Blizzard completely flipped the switch and allowed transfers. Now it’s full of level 70’s camping all the people who are level 40 and below. Now no one is able to complete their quests and level. It’s pretty imbalanced as well, far more level 70 alliance compared to horde.

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Why didn’t you play fresh on Skyfury?

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I didnt want them to screw over everyone on Angerforge so that Skyfury queues cpuld be relieved.

Open transfers to am ESTABLISHED low pop server from Skyfury. Not a 3 day old fresh server.

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Angerforge has become nigh unplayable due to decked out bored people in Brutal Glad gear just running around one-shotting those who were trying to do normal progression on a 3-day old server. Also, the AH has become ridiculous. People under 70 cannot generate gold to afford the things they normally would be able to on the way up, at least compared to my experience leveling on Maladath a couple weeks ago. Thanks again, Blizzard.


This really misses the point, and in a pretty umm rude sort of way, it seems. “Else?” I didn’t want anything in addition to anything. I was quite happy with Skyfury as it was.

I wasn’t particularly thrilled with them opening a second fresh PvP server days after a blue post explained:

But they did, and then another couple days later they opened transfers.

So the question of “What else do you want?” misses the mark in so many ways, it only seems like it’s intended to provoke.

I didn’t want a second Fresh PvP server. I didn’t want server transfers.

Skyfury was a well-populated, well-balanced server, and it felt like it would remain that way. Now? :woman_shrugging:

Anyway, I feel at this point that I was far too overly optimistic in my hopes for having a server that wouldn’t be affected by the deleterious effects that server transfers have had on almost every server that has had them.

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Please give us paid transfers to some of these new servers so guilds that transferred to the mega-servers can fully reform before WOTLK release.

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Why are all the good servers getting locked without warning ? My friends transferred to Sulfuras then the next day when I get on and try to transfer its locked…? like cmon man. Now im just going to quit


same , all my friends xfered to sulfuras . the next day its locked…now im stuck on old blanchy


Blocking transfers to servers where players have multiple max-level characters, and a guild they’ve raided with for several years isn’t going to decrease server load. It’s just going to force those players to play on classes/characters that they may care less about, ultimately resulting in a worse experience for no gain. This is especially frustrating when you funnel people to a now-locked server, and they want to leave that.


can we get an update on sulfuras ? Im trying to play with friends.


any update on skyfury? I subbed to go there and its locked. any chance on refunding my sub?

y I would like a character boost refund and sub refund as well , i cant play with friends and my toons are split. So just going to quit the game i guess…


can we remove server transfer cooldown on our toons? i transfered out of beni only to get stuck on a locked server and am no longer able to play with friends this is without a doubt ruining the game for me and im sure others


they say they are all about bringing communities together… all they have done is split us.


Unfortunately all too true. Our group of friends and old guild mates have been planning to reunite with WotLK. This was the classic release everyone was waiting for. It’s all about the community and reexperiencing a game we all loved. However, this is now an impossibility.

Our community playing pre-patch is locked between Grobb and FCT. And any friend/guild mate that was planning to start at launch is unable to join us on any of these realms. They are all locked.

Blizzard we have no options. And sadly expect we’ll loose the majority of our community who are now quitting WoW altogether out of frustration.

Blizzard you are loosing your best fans, customers and community due to your incompetence.


Any idea if people with existing characters on locked servers will be able to transfer toons in? It still seems really silly to me that I can boost or create a character, but I can’t transfer one in. I’d rather play the guy I already did professions on etc than a brand new boost of the same class. That FEELS really bad.

Edit - my response was to a post about fresh servers, but wanted to be more clear. On non-fresh locked servers, where we already have toons existing, people just want to be able to move their other toons there. It makes no sense that you can boost, but not transfer.

Is it a technical limitation that will not be changed in a reasonable timeframe? People just want answers so they know what they have to do to play what they want to play, and where they want to play it.


Exact situation I’m in. If I want to play with my friends, guild, and family, I’m going to have to boost the same class I already have maxed out on another server. Lose 10s of thousands of gold, 200+ hours of /played, legendry’s, removed items, etc. etc.

All so I can play with the class in the raid slot already planned for me. On a server I already play on, just missing my main…


I assume it’s just a technical limitation at this point, server transfer are probably just an on/off switch. But it does really suck, and tons of people are in the same boat.

Just hoping for any indication that it will be changed, or if we’re just stuck and it is what it is. Sitting in limbo is even worse with no communication as to how things will be handled.


It really sucks that my group of about 10 friends are going to be split up. 5 of us already had characters on Grobbulus. 2 made characters in time on Grobbulus. So 3 of our friends are just blocked out of Grobbulus with absolutely no expectation or understanding of when/if the server will be unlocked. We basically have to assume it wont be unlocked.

Some of us played through TBC, one is the GM of our guild. So transferring really isn’t an option, the 3 friends without chars on Grobb are just SOL.

Am I wrong or do other games like FF have intermittent locking? Queues are drastically down. Can’t blizzard allow for new chars for 12-24 hours? Lock it again and reassess?