Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

It’s awesome now that 70s from Skyfury that have nothing to do are just corpse camping levelers in STV. A hunter sitting at Nessy’s just one-shotting everyone.

I’m all for world PVP, but the point of fresh was everyone starting on an even playing field.

This knee-jerk reaction by Blizz catering to people crying about queues who could have rerolled live EVERYONE else.

Did Blizz think that the people who rolled Angerforge were brand new players to WoW? No, they were mostly all people who invested long hours on another server.

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Yes, that’s exactly what Angerforge was. An overflow realm for Skyfury for those who did not want to wait in queue. Anybody who thought anything else about Angerforge upon hearing the news of a new west PvP was fooling themselves. Wrath is in 10 days, you’re not going to keep that brutal gear for long.

BLIZZARD destroying servers because complains of streamers, this is crap, skyfury have 2weeks of advantage, this is the freaking hell

100% this, SO dumb, theyre literally creating the same problem they had before. This is CLEARLY player manipulation to incite paid transfers later.

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Thank you for making my day, lol. I use my classic characters to post about classic stuff, but here you are, a level 12 warrior calling me out on a character I use on the forums.

Yeah, and the general consensus is that a lot of the fresh tourists will be going back to their mains for Wrath.

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If this was the plan, they should have stated it. Everyone defending this ridiculous knee-jerk by Blizzard is now trying to rewrite history and act like “Oh yes, we all knew this was going to happen from the beginning.” I don’t see that being discussed in the forum posts above until the transfers were announced earlier today. What they said was, come play on the new Fresh PvP server. If they had told us their plans, though, it would have been an empty server for them to transfer to. So basically, rerollers got tricked. Thanks, Blizzard.


streamers caused this, the asmon guy

I doubt that the Asmon groupies are a significant enough number to matter that much, but of course, I could be wrong!

And even if they are, I suspect that a lot of them are just here for the fresh experience and will be back to their mains for Wrath content.

So RDF when? Or you guys shooting for your own #pulltheripcord?

WotLK classic is being run by drunk college interns and a hand full of overseas vendors who have never played World of Warcraft… Good luck getting a BLUE response that makes any sense, or a response at all…

Come to think of it, didn’t they mention they automated the classic forums with AI like the rest of the customer support? Try starting your posts with “Hey Blizzard” and see if you get a response.

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With how money hungry Blizzard has proven they are… I am really surprised they have not offered a Classic Fast Pass for an extra $50/month to skip the queue.

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The decision to open transfers just underscores how the Blizz devs/management just DO NOT understand the draw of FRESH realms.

Now the economies are screwed, not just from gold xferring over, but from L70s farming ore, manipulating the AH, griefing people who THOUGHT they were going to level on an even playing field.

I was really excited about some fun WPVP at Scarlet Monastery, but I’m sure there will be 70s camping it to one-shot the Ally levelers.

Ugh, makes me want to not even play anymore. Angerforge was building into a really great community too.


They were all on a level playing field. No gold from outside sources. No lvl 70s ganking while lvling.

Angerforge was sold as a fresh experience. Those that went there were told to get it they had to reroll. We did.

Now they are just handing the server to lvl 70 skyfury transfers with all their gold and robbing that fresh server experience from the people that started at lvl 1 and having been climbing up.

They should have. You are correct.

The blue post does not read like it was to be an overflow realm and note that I also thought it would be too but that is not what the blue post says so anyone who trusted Blizzard would have trusted the comment:

This means that poster is wrong and you are right.

He did ask in that thread for the transfers and he seems to have been very upset by the queues. So he got his way. I also highly suspect he will be leaving for Benediction come Wrath and the comments are made for selfish reasons, uncaring about the health of servers, with only thoughts about the short term over the long term. So not a person to be respected.

I don’t really have any skin in this game as I haven’t played fresh but it’s unfortunate that the Fresh start realms won’t long-term be as good as they could be.


Blizzard just ruined our experience by doing this non sense.

Why not even week old and they allow transfers from a full of 70s server!

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very savage blizzard, ruin 2 servers and basically commit to creating DOA servers before wrath launches. Excellent jerb body type three

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Please do everyone a favor and allow PAID/Free character transfers to servers that players already have a lvl 70 character on. The server does not get more full with a transfer, since I can only actively play 1 character at a time. It actually will help mitigate population since I won’t actively be playing on 2 different servers. I bet thousands of others want the same thing…

My main is a 70 Priest on Whitemane. In wrath I will be playing my 70 Mage that is on Eranikus now. Transferring my mage to Whitemane does not increase the player population. Let me pay you the damn $25 so that I can enjoy the game with my friends instead of being stuck on 2 different servers.


It’s so funny that Blizz made these promises about no transfers and fresh realms and they couldn’t even go two weeks without caving.

This just hurts Blizz’s credibility going forward if they ever create new “fresh realms.” I, for one, will never believe them.


Today Blizzard has lost a customer and fan. Have fun boys, I’m out.