Transfer Characters


I’m trying to see if it would be possible to get a Transfer to Heartseeker from thunderfury we have 10 of us playing and half of us are on Thunderfury and other half is on stalagg. my friends from Stalagg transferred thinking we can also join them finally but its saying that we cant transfer to them… its kinda boring playing alone when we all already almost have accounts over lvl 50………would love some help please.

(Mirasol) #2

I am sorry Laalynda, but at this time the only transfers offered for Classic are the ones Blizzard has put in place. Those are transfers from High population realms to a very specific low population realm. Each High pop realm will have a designated low pop realm to go to. Those transfers are limited time as well, not always available.

Transfers from Thunderfury only go to Arcanite Reaper.

You can read the full list of realms and destinations here, as well as the date the transfers stop.

Also note, this is not a Technical Support issue. Tech Support deals with issues that keep your game from installing or functioning on your computer.

If you wish to make a suggestion that Blizzard change the transfer destinations, you can make that suggestion on the Classic General forums. Also note, they MIGHT someday allow paid transfers in Classic, but that decision has not been made nor do we know when it might happen.


I think that’s stupid as hell bc both thunderfury and stalagg are high pop servers and we all wanted to change to lower pop so we can finally play together… this only calls for us quitting the game if we cant paly together…

(Rufflebottom) #4

You can all reroll on a lower-pop server. Some of you can create new characters on the other server to play together. You can have up to 10 characters per realm, for a total of 50 characters. There is nothing stopping you from playing together.

(Levíathan) #5

“High” can mean a realm is near its intended capacity, not necessarily over it. (And “High” is just indicating concurrent logins, not all created characters.) What qualifies a realm for free transfers is based off back-end numbers.

Understand that realm transfers are not currently a part/feature of Classic. Players have to carefully choose their realms. The free transfers of late weren’t to allow players move about where they wanted; they were exceptions to mitigate technical issues, thus to that end, specific conditions were put in place.