Trading Post: Why develop low value systems?

I think its a great value system, you get stuff every month thats not available anymore on top you get to do some simple actives to make you feel like you did something … but thats just me

Did I suggest removing xmog? Just seems like a strange endgame.

The only issue I have with the trading post is that it didn’t give me the mount for finishing the months tasks. Other then that I think its fine.

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Game is old as dust now, none of this matters, let people enjoy their toons as much as possible, before this is all eventually blown away for good.

We also got some extra currency next month we pnly get the 1k

There’s a progression to a lot of people’s WoW “careers”, a lot of us start out clueless, learn the ropes, get into some entry level raiding, get serious about raiding, become jaded, and then finally settle in to just collecting mounts, pets, mog, achievements and such. I couldn’t give you any numbers (nobody but Blizzard could), but there are a lot of us.

There aren’t many people that have played the game for 10+ years that are still happy on the bleeding edge, i think we all get over it at some point, some people quit, others just settle into a more mellow WoW life.


1 person playing 5 hrs a month for trading post is equal value to blizzard to 1 person playing 5hrs a day.

Its a monthly event which encourages people to stay subbed and logging in doing stuff which keeps up the MAU count.

People have been asking for evergreen, casual content to do. This is something that fits into that type of content. It’s something that if people aren’t interested in it they can just ignore it.

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I think is great I pretty much stop doing m+ and raids and this is something to look forward to.

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It is very transparently an extra incentive for someone to keep subbed to get monthly rewards. Lots of MMOs do this. ESO does this with daily rewards. So the thinking goes that overall this will increase player retention via a system that rewards staying subbed, since most people won’t buy a 6 month or 1 year sub.

Citation? :open_mouth:

Seriously, i want to know if they said it or not, because i don’t want to be excited over nothing. :confused:

Right on the top of the forums. Second Blizz post down.

Oh, that one.

I thought you were talking about Trader currency.

Oh, not trader coins. OP mentioned they didn’t understand why valor and conquest have caps.

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Dang, my hopes were almost up… :pinching_hand:

Also, what a kick in the pants. Cosmetic currency gets capped but not gearing up currency?..

Call me old-school, but… shouldn’t that be the other way around?..

I’m guessing they don’t want us buying all the items every month so that they can recycle them. I only wanted the Ogre pet and the new mount anyway. Leaves me with over 1k for next month and beyond.

Trading Post makes me feel like blizz is catering to 6 year olds. Rewards are meh which explains the easy currency. Also weird the currency is capped at 2000 for a whole month left of unappealing rewards.

This months items are just a start, to get people into the idea of the system really the only limit to what is added is on blizzards end.

For example they could add holiday items during certain months as a back up insurance, “I’ll farm this mount until x day, and if I don’t get it by then I’ll have enough trading currency to get it.”

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are you saying blizzard shouldn’t allocate resources to developing a wide variety of rewards systems/tracks? with some systems/tracks being very long/difficult grinds and others being faster/easier reward paths?

some people enjoy chasing extremely difficult things, some people want easier things to chase and collect. I think there is room for both kinds of reward tracks in wow!

the benefit from a rewards standpoint of having easy rewards is two fold: you give returning or new players a quick burst of excitement! (wow look at all the rewards I am being showered with!) and you also create a sense of ‘there’s always something new around the corner to look forward to’. which is something all MMO’s should strive for IMO.

this new system doesn’t take away from the existing systems. if you want to chase that time lost proto drake, or time all the M+ dungeons on 25 difficulty, you can go after that. if you want to roleplay and do some fishing with some tuskaar while listening to chill music, you can do that too.

because the investment is rather low, and items can be rotated monthly for almost no effort. it’s awesome… buggy, sure, but who cares, i’ll take some more mounts from tokens that i earn for just playing the game as i usually do.