Trading Post Should Have All Murloc Pets for DF

To celebrate DF’s questline for the Murloc alternative universe, the new Trading Post should offer all the Murloc pets. Many of them are not obtainable in-game currently if you missed the promo events.


Meh, disagree. If you weren’t there for the promo, you don’t get the pets. It was a premium that people paid for. You don’t get to claim something with pet charms that people paid money for.

I don’t agree that any of the pets should be premiums or paid for, but since they exist and people have paid money for them, I don’t think they should be made available with charms.

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Well, Blizzard wouldn’t be consistent if they took that stance directly after allowing people to get the Feldrake mount or the past expansion promo pets that are in the shop.

You have a point. Just today, I decided I was going to get another Sprite Darter Hatchling. Only to discover that the quest I worked so hard to do is now gone, and Sprite Darter Hatchling is a drop. Ugh.

They could just offer a Blizcon pack where for some amount, you access to all past Blizcon videos as well as all pets and mounts.

Considering pet collectors are paying over $5,000 in Real Money for early Blizzcon pet codes, this pack would not be cheap.

They could price it for whatever they want. It is a digital good. It is as scarce as they want it to be.


So far Blizzard has been pretty good about not screwing over the pet collectors who either spent some Real Money or worked really hard for a pet, only to later see it pop up in the Store for the cost of a token or two. I’m hoping they keep it up.

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As we’ve seen with the Fel Drake, Blizzard has no prerogative to consider what people have paid to third party sites.

That said, to me battle pets are very much different than mounts because they are part of a in-game system (pet battling). Not to mention, there are probably people playing that were still in diapers for the first Blizzcon. When you have a game that’s been around so long it’s old enough to vote, considerations need to be made that having something exclusively for 15+ years is long enough.

If nothing else, give us a reskin with the exact same move set like they did with some of the the TCG pets.


Any bets on the Baby Blizzard Bear showing up in this trading post…cause the only way to have him was you had to be in game on the 4th Anniversary of WoW…

I’d have to bet no on the Baby Bear, but if it does get recycled, means all bets are off for supposedly 1-time-only pets.

Means everything is up for grabs…even the Blizzcon pets and mounts…

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This is an incredibly rational take and I appreciate you writing it. That’s a great point.

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Looking forward to checking out the Trading Post PTR.

yah i missed on that and the vampiric pet because i took a long break around that time :O(