Toxicity of wow community and thinking of going back to FF XIV

It’s no secrecy of the toxicity of wow’s community, and it’s something that will never be resolved. I was on ff xiv before the first expansion was released and I was thinking about trying it out again since my sub ends tomorrow here. But for those who play both, how is the community over there vs here? I’m highly bored of the content in wow. After 15 years give or take, I think I’m almost done.


Everyone seems to think wow has a terrible community,I have to ask if those people ever tried League or EVE.


In my experience it’s mostly good unless you run into a Mentor. 80% of them seem to be pricks with a crown by their name.

Sometimes you’ll run into a bad egg but most of the time running content with people is rather smooth.

But I quit XIV like a year ago because of how the class meta is right now.

Dark Knight is gutted, Healers not in a good spot and most of the DPS classes are just boring and streamlined I feel.

Only class I enjoy is Blue Mage and you are very limited in what you can do with it so eh.

I’ve only played a bit of FFXIV (until like level 30ish) but the community seems like night and day. I haven’t met anyone who is nearly as toxic as in WoW. And I’ve heard this from plenty of other people that most people are way more polite and nice in FFXIV, especially when it comes to newer players who may not be familiar with dungeons or mechanics.

Compare that to WoW where you frequently see horror stories of someone being kicked out of a low level dungeon because some jackass didn’t want to spend 30s explaining something.

The fact other games are also terrible doesn’t mean WoW’s community is any less terrible.


All gaming communities are terrible. We’re doing this with our free time and that should tell you everything you need to know.


Which doesn’t excuse the level of toxicity that you see in WoW compared to most other MMOs. There’s no excuse for some of it based on the horror stories that you read.


The problem is everyone feels like they need to play on the highest pop servers in the game…which does tend to be a haven for Dbags and basement dwellers aka elitists. Find yourself a nice mid pop server and a decent guild, make some new friends and this game will feel very different.


I’ll strongly disagree,

WoW and FFXIV are the top MMOS thats keeping up the MMO generic legacy alive where others simply are fading out over time or just got shut down.

Both sides of the parties has its tendencies of coming across inconvenient individuals as well as most pleasant ones.

I have played FFXIV and I have encountered just as much on both sides of the spectrum.

I am sorry you came in contact with others that made you feel the way you are now.

It does take time to gradually make friends and really strong resilience to ignore awful individuals.

Enjoy the game as you are


Well Blizzard does seem to be making worst. I don’t think Blizzard understands how they are dividing the community.

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That was another question I had was how the classes play and how tanking was in ffxiv vs. wow. The dark knight was an interest of mine.

Though, it’s not like wow doesn’t have it’s garbage specs. Shadow priest anyone??


I think Dark Knight was the best at Heavensward launch where it was very fast and fluid but now it just feels like a discount Warrior. Very slow and unengaging gameplay. If you play DRK as it is know and never experienced them before you won’t understand how they were originally.

Across the board Tanks are more balanced then ever as far as the DPS charts go.

I’d say give it a try and see if you like it. I think I’m much too jaded towards XIV to ever go back to it.

what made you jaded if you don’t mind me asking. I could almost say the same about wow and this expansion.

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Play with friends. Disable all other chat channels like Trade. Don’t read the forums other than blue posts. Done. Toxicity removed.


You can’t always just play with friends. Especially when they’re not always online or doing the same content as you.


The community is definitely friendlier, though it may not be quite as friendly as you remember; time has passed and the game has gained some more notoriety, attracting a few less-than-stellar people. Nevertheless, a few key design principles are the same:

  • Add-ons are still banned, though there is a detente of sorts in regards to parsers. Keep the data to yourself and don’t harass people, and they’ll leave you alone.
  • Competition is still largely de-emphasized. Cooperation is still preferred.

That being said… depending on which data center you’re on, the community has varying degrees of weirdness. Crystal in particular has embraced its weirdness and revels in it.

Class design decisions in the way that they mostly stayed the same but added another ability that just amounted to another spell that did what you were already doing or in the case of Dark Knight where they gave all your exclusive utilities and gutted you of your kit and class identity, and the same old formula of rush to endgame, do your dailies and get your weekly cap on token currency to buy 1 or 2 pieces a gear then log out.

I only really enjoyed Blue Mage because you went out into the world and instanced dungeons to learn new spells in the field. That was fun. Especially with other Blue Mages. But the Limited Job design where you are always going to be a few patch cycles behind is awful. While everyone else is 80 you are stuck at 60.

I think it’s been a been there done that sort of thing for me.

The characters I made so long ago are sitting on hyperion. Dunno how that place is these days. lol. And what kind of weirdness? Moonguard weirdness or other kinds… I’m ok with some, but I def have my limits.

I’ve almost stopped playing my Priest since I don’t like healing and to me Shadow has sucked since the introduction of Voidform.

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I like to liken this to a wound. You have three people, one has been stabbed, one has been shot, and the other has been hit by a car going 60mph.

The guy who’s been shot is still in a really bad situation; the presence of the guy who’s been run over by a car at high speed doesn’t make his wound less of a problem. Similarly the guy who’s been stabbed has a wound that’s still in dire need of treatment despite the presence of the guy who’s been shot and the guy who’s been run over.

Even more relevant is the fact that they’re all going to different doctors (different game developers) so there’s no reason the doctors would point to the other guys in the situation. The doctor treating the stab wound (FFXIV) doesn’t point at the guy treating the gunshot wound (WoW), and the guy treating the gun shot wound has no reason to point to the guy treating the hit-and-run (League); none of them should avoid doing their job of accurately and effectively treating their patients just because worse patients exist in the world.

WoW’s community is not in a good place on the whole and the presence of a worse gaming community doesn’t change anything about WoW. It doesn’t absolve the community of WoW or it’s developers of not doing anything about it.


When you have a problem it doesn’t matter if someone else has it worse, you still need to fix the problem and it’s not less severe just because you can find someone worse off.


Mentors are the worst, like any other “in” club made up of customers. The rest of the community is surprisingly great though.

And yes, Blue Mage is awesome.