Toxic trolls

I wonder if blizzard is going to address the obvious community problem in the forums lol and yes I know I am going to get A LOT of hate for this but holy there are sooooo many trolls and toxic people on these forums that HATE when you say anything constructive and flame your post and mass report you come on blizzard… your community is the most important part of your game and it’s gone into the trash please address this stuff… and yes it’s just as bad in game


Blizz hammers trolling pretty hard and swiftly. Actual trolling anyway.

Which is why people moved on to calling disagreements trolling.


not at all lol and when someone just says get gud or skill issue when you say anything they don’t like that’s not a “disagreement”

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i agree. people should be allowed to post brave takes without fear of the mob retribution for challenging their wrong ways.


That’s cute that you don’t seem to know that the Forum Moderators fully condone this behavior.


probably but that doesn’t mean they should lol

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The only big changes the forum need is to have battletags as our nickname. Could still change our profile picture to whatever character we want. Would solve a lot of the mild trolling issues and would get rid of the really weird interaction where everyone’s characters count as a separate account which allows people to upvote or downvote/report people en masse.


Just give them the copycat treatment. Works every time.

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No, not “probably”.


It’s been proven many, many times over.

How you gonna control the community lmao

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Hold everyone accountable to the guidelines EQUALLY, instead of playing favorites.


by dealing with obvious trolls and toxic people

They already have social contract so yea


so they break there own guidelines?

I dont know do they ? Since you can report people in game and on the forums you tell me

Herding cats is ill-advised!


you can report sure but that doesn’t mean anything will happen unless you get mass report and there garbage system flags you

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THEY’RE going to THEIR house because you are not THERE.


did this turn into an English class?

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I before E except after C!

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