Totally blind WOW player looking for a guild, US region


Some Introduction:

My girlfriend and I are both totally blind in real life. We can’t see the computer screen; however, we are both extremely adept at using computers and technology in general using screen reading software and a keyboard.

A few kind-hearted people have made add-ons for WoW that enable us to play this game. There are many things that we are able to do right now and there are some things that we can’t without sighted help.

We’re looking for a guild to help us with the parts of the game that are not accessible to us in their free time or if they feel like doing it. We hope to be able to contribute back, whether it’s crafting or gathering items across the map or anything else that we can do like DPS in dungeons.

Because the list of things that we can’t do is shorter, I’ll start with those, if you’re interested to know what they are and if you’re willing to help us.

  • We can’t navigate in dungeons, because of how Blizzard restricts add-ons. We have to follow a party member into fights; however, the fighting we can do perfectly. We can target mobs and hear where they are and perform rotations. I am still learning the sounds of different mobs and what each sound means, but I feel like I can do very well once I’m competent with my class and the sounds of the game.
  • I do not think we’re able to do tanking and healing in the dungeons. Tanking I am 100% sure we can’t, healing I have not experimented with.
  • Outside of dungeons, we still do not have access to around 30-40% of the maps of the entire game. The person who’s mapping the game for us is trying her best but she’s only one person, so it’s going to take some time to have the entire game mapped. If there are important quests and such in these unmapped zones, we might need your help to follow you in for them.

I understand that WoW is mostly about being fast and min-maxing damage and levels, but if there’s a casual guild that could accept us in their community and help us with the game, we’d appreciate it and try to give back to it as much as we can.

Some finishing notes:

  • We’re both new to the game. If this is an issue, I may try again posting in a few months. I have a lvl 36 monk and my gf has a lvl 20 beastmaster and we’ve been questing in Elwynn Forest for a while. I also have been doing random dungeons. Sometimes, when I write in chat that I am blind and I need to follow someone, one party member responds and I follow them to the end and complete my dungeon! We also would like to use your expertise to find out which classes to play to make the most out of them.
  • It’s not rude at all to ask blind and visually impaired people about how they do stuff. Most of us are happy to explain all the curious questions that sighted people have.
  • Also, please don’t feel bad if you are not up for this at all. Unfortunately for us, to enjoy this game we need sighted help for parts of the game. This includes some patience and some of your time that you can spend doing something more productive in game. So it’s understandable if you don’t feel like doing it.
    Let me know if you have any questions
    edit: If needed i can either create a character or move my character to another server. This is my first character of the game.
    Thanks for reading, and hope to see you around!

Hi Octavarium and girlfriend!

I’m Kiuayoukai, a cheeky Pandaren Resto Shaman, and proud assistant GM of the guild/community Found a Green Quest on Zul’jin.

Our guild has been around since 2018 founded by my husband Jarsha and myself with our visions of being a social/casual and active community regardless of what members are interested in. Our guild is thriving; however, we are in need of recruiting more friends for Season 3 and future expansions and you’re invited! Whether you are a new player, returning player, or and alt looking for a place to call home.

We are a laid-back casual guild for adults who play when they can while keeping the social aspect of the game alive. We believe that real life comes first, and the game second. We enjoy playing all aspects of the game and are here to help others on their journey in and out of Azeroth. We group up for timewalking/heroic/mythic dungeons or old content farming for achievements/transmogs/mounts/pets. With a Saturday raid team focused on Normal difficulty/Timewalking raids for those looking to experience the raid in a stress-free environment with a group of friends or for people who have never raided before and are looking to learn or just run an extra raid that week on one of their alts.

We are looking to rebuild our Primary raid team with the goals of AOTC and Glory of Achievements every tier. Times are Thursday/Friday 7:30PM EST – 10:00PM EST

Regardless of what content you enjoy, you are welcome to take flight with us and enjoy the game. Come join us!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

We’re listed in the guild finder in game or you can reach me here or on discord: kiuayoukai

Thank you for taking the time to check out our recruitment. We wish you the best of luck this tier & future tiers to come!

Thanks for your post
Do I need to create a gored character on your server to be able to join your guild?

Guilds are cross faction so you can either roll horde or alliance. Welcome to join the community until guilds become cross server as well in TWW.

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Hey Octa!
I am very impressed by your situation, and i’ve heard of the software that blind people use to play the game, also have read a few stories about it and find it fascinating!
I’d love to do some dungeons with you guys if you ever need someone to hangout with. And my guild has a easy going Night Raid (Sunday/Monday at Midnight Eastern) that you guys could eventually join and try some raiding on.
My Bnet is Slerne#1294! See ya around the game :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I added you, looking forward to follow you guys in for some dungeons. I am really curious to know how useful I be in a raid and if i can do it.

It’s great that people are hearing about us, might lead to blizzard noticing us and making more accessible changes to the game and also could help us get more mappers. our community is small and we’ve been trying to spread out into different guilds; I’m new myself but we have a few players who have high level/gear characters who are doing raids with their guilds.

Just wanted to say that’s awesome what you guys are doing!

I hope you continue having fun and find as much help to make it accessible to you and your girlfriend as possible!

I’d be willing to run stuff with you guys anytime I’m on and have FreeTime.

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