TOS on ninja-ing

Blizzard has stated ninja looting in Classic is a community issue and will not be dealt with by Blizzard. It is for the community to handle such issues.

See Loot Trading in Classic *updated*


Yeah, that’s why you will never get a ninja looter to say the loot rules.

Like if you ask in a pug, is anything reserved? And what are the loot rules?

If they don’t answer No, MS > OS.
Then you can bet they are planning to ninja something. If they don’t say anything blizzard will not take action

If they stated the loot rules and ninja looted then they can get a ban from blizzard. At least that’s how it worked in wrath

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I really doubt that Blizzard is putting resources (manpower) into holding ninja looting “trials” for the accused. With all the he said she said going on, I would think it would be a major headache to sort things out.

Yes they use to have a set policy specifically on ninja looting

Since they basically removed the ability to ninja loot in WoW since then they removed it. The only thing they have mentioned on this is on a couple threads such as this

That the GM will look into it and make a decision based on if there were set rules. They go into detail that master looter almost will never be looked into unless it happens that they SWITCH it to master loot with no one knowledge. Basically this almost entirely takes there’s hands off of ninja looting. Besides a couple scenarios. The loot rules are specifically greed/need and they change it, or some other instances where they specifically say “this item can be rolled on” and then takes it. If they aren’t SPECIFICALLY stated in the second scenario then there isn’t anything they can do.

It’s really not at least by how they described it.

Just think of it as a flowchart.

Was it master looter?

No? That’s not a ninja

Yes? Was the item SPECIFICALLY stated as an open roll?

No? Can’t do anything

Yes? Take action.

Other scenarios include removing people mid pull/changing the loot system. But those should also be open and shut, this guy is a scammer.

Actually they said pretty clearly in a more recent blue post that they absolutely will not be transferring items for any reason whatsoever.

See Loot Trading in Classic *updated*

So don’t bother opening tickets. They’ll be disregarded.

I don’t believe I said that items would be transferred.

Not much that can be done about it sadly. Most you can do is create a blacklist on bad players. I have a notepad where I list peoples names, guild, and why they’re on the list. I haven’t ran into any dungeon/raid ninja looters yet thankfully but I stick to running inside my guild, and they have a 0 tolerance policy for ninja looting, sooo. I do have a few people on my blacklist that were stealing guildies devilsaur skins but other than that, I’ve been pretty lucky.

I guess “take action” is a bit ambiguous to me. And why would they take action against a ninja looter if they weren’t also going to take away the item and send it to the correct person?

To punish that person? They do this all the time. If someone get’s scammed or their account gets hacked and the person takes all their money they will often just delete the gold and not ‘give’ that money back to the person who got scammed.

Idk maybe they won’t do anything to a regular ninja, but the post that this guy is most likely referring to was more than just a ninja, it was a scam.

But then again at the end of the day it’s always up to the GM. They may throw any and all tickets away that mention loot and maybe they will do something about it. When something doesn’t have a set in stone policy it gets pretty subjective.

What does that have to do with ninja looting?

This is why everyone NEEDs on BOEs. Why risk the hassle. It’s not worth it. Unless you want to give the next Royson their epic mount, just roll need.

The action to take is “preventative” action.


Are you…serious? Do you actually need to full connection really broke down that much? lol. You asked why they wouldn’t work to try and give the item back, I explained other scenarios where they take action and delete items/gold but don’t return it as well.

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic. General rule of thumb unless other rules are established is you roll need if you’re going to actually use the item and greed if you’re going to vendor it or sell it on the AH.

And if the item is an item that is known to fetch 1k gold that system is out the window. Otherwise you get what happened to those poor people in that one guys group.

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yeah i think blizz should ban all the ninja looters. but if you are a streamer they wont do a dam thing i mean look at asmongler he ninja from HIS OWN GUILD and blizz did nothing. and people still want to play with them what a joke.

Not sarcastic. Your “general rule of thumb” opens you up to being screwed by a ninja…that Blizzard will not do anything about. More fair and safer to open it up to everyone and let the roll decide. This is for PUGs only. Guild runs should do whatever they want.


And that ‘general rules of thumb’, to me, only applies to BoP. Like of course you don’t roll on a BoP healing plate as a rogue. But if it’s BoE then it’s all up for grabs.

For example, if a staff of jordan dropped in one of my runs as a priest. I shouldn’t be just ‘given’ this item just because I could use it. I would be dumb not to sell that thing. I would expect everyone else to roll on it as well.

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Your way screws people who would actually use the item. If I saw a Warden Staff I’d keep it, for example.

I’m talking BOE only. Everyone need BOE rares and epics. BOP…definitely Need/Greed.