Torghast? Why does it suck so much?

Couldn’t solo layer 1 doing the quest to find clues for Anduin, 100% because I ran into an Empowered Imperial Consular on floor 11 or 12. I play DH, used all my defensives, was kicking spells, but he continuously hit me for 5-9k. Fun game, really motivates you to run another 11 layers to get to that mini-boss only to die again. Logged into Final Fantasy XIV right after :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tried it myself, but I am told that for the purposes of quest completion, after you get your first quest piece after the level 6 boss, you can leave the layer and restart it at one. When you get to the level 6 boss again, you get the next piece. I believe you can just repeat this until you get them all.

git gud…