Torghast: Vitality Isn't A Thing!

Blizzard has confirmed that Vitality, the resource in the Alpha from Torghast that was like Sanity from Horrific Visions, will not exist. The only thing that’ll hinder your ability to progress further is death.

This is great news!


Shame people arent reading this more

I’m so excited for Torghast now. I actually enjoyed the Horrific Visions themselves, and I think it’s going to have a huge amount of replayability because of this change alone.

Also, I’m gonna be running so much of this to craft Legendaries. I’m glad we can finally do focused content!

Lol all the crying for nothing

This dude thst chases you is better than a timer

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I’m just waiting for people to call Phaerix a liar next. I mean if Ion lied why should we take Phaerix at his word?!

After all, if the mega thread taught me anything it is that you shouldn’t ever trust Blizzard!

Referring to me? I’m confused o-o it wasn’t sarcasm. I think the death thing is fantastic.

Inb4 all the people crying “I don’t want to have to spend hours inside the new feature gated behind a key to entry”

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He’s referencing the mega thread on this.

Ah, gotcha. Are people really upset about this?

They were upset because they jumped the gun on assuming what vitality was and it’s unknown connection to your time in Torghast.

Ahh, gotcha. Yeah, the forums tends to do that. I love how Blizzard gave the warning that they might find datamined stuff that isn’t making it to live, and is just being tested, yet people get angry about everything.

It’s good, I suppose. I’d rather have people jump the gun and be concerned about a bad system to make sure it’s not happening.

I have no issue with people jumping the gun to question whether a system they didn’t like previously was going to be continued or not. What I have an issue with is people being oh so blatantly upset about the thing in question when datamining isn’t what ends up being the final say for what’s in release. Especially considering release won’t be for another half of a year at the least.

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Fair enough.