Torghast Story end dialogue

There’s a ton of fun images from this guy.


I don’t like seeing thrall call us “Maw walker”.

Iv been questing for the dude for years and he calls me maw walker? It’s an alien name. Just call me friend or champion like he usually does.

I’d prefer if only the denizens of the shadowlands call me maw walker. It sounds so off hearing it from someone we’ve known for years. Someone who’s also been to the maw and back.


I love this art style. Thank you!


Go eat your pancakes!

(David Rose voice) I don’t want it!

Exactly. We owe him nothing. Let him rot!


If horde have to rescue baine you can at least rescue Anduin.

Baine is faaaar worse than anduin.


I just now noticed chibi dragon-Wrathion sitting in the teacup!!


I was at his wedding and saved him when he was split into the elements. I even ventured into Deepholm to get Doomhammer. How can he forget who we are? Geez…


No, he’s not.

Anduin represents the Light and the Sha represents the Void without a master guiding it. The Jailer would be falling over himself to gain such a weapon of balance!

Light and Void without any will controlling it is the ultimate weapon against both.

Xal’atath hinted at the possibilities of true Light and Shadow clashing in a place where reality is thin. If Zovaal turns Anduin into his weapon then we will have such a clash!

She REALLY hates the Jailor’s dishware set. It has a really ugly pattern along the edge.


Anduin at least has balls enough to say no to sylvanas and fight the horde at multiple occasions, aside from baine which has a higher killcount of Horde in game than alliance. I am not even counting his rescue.

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Anduin EASILY has a higher Alliance kill count than Horde. Remember him sending those hundreds of soldiers on a suicide mission to abandon that mission later to let the Zandalari Trolls grieve?


He hasnt personally killed someone on the alliance that was on the alliance (cultists etc doesnt count nor does dreadlords)

Southshore was a legitimate target,” said Anduin, as he snipped a lock of his hair to send to his best friend in the whole world: Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner. Then he girded his loins, smashed and bludgeoned his way through an Alliance battleship’s-worth of night elves, and released Nathanos’s imprisoned brother Brothanos from its hold before handing him back to Nathanos in person. “There is a sickness in the Alliance,” he told Nathanos, before he went home and was ensnared and totally falsely accused of treason by the wicked, sneering, malevolent, evil, duplicitous Tyrande Whisperwind, who he’d only ever obeyed out of fear of what she’d do to his people because on his own he would never ever ever want to be mean to the wise and true and innocent people of the Horde - especially his best friend in the whole world: Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner.
Truly, he represents all that is good within the Alliance,” declared Muradin Bronzebeard. “We must break him out before that foul witch Tyrande unjustly executes him on her trumped-up charges!”


is this from a book or something? or is it just fictional gibberish? given the Nathanos brother “Brothanos” i dont know if it is real or not.

My point still stands, he hasnt slain anyone on the alliance side to this day, suicide missions dont count here.

It’s an inversion of Baine’s story regarding Taurajo and Jaina’s brother.

It’s entirely tongue-in-cheek.



Well my point was kinda That I wouldnt be surprised if it was real.

No no no.

According to the Scarlet Crusade, Anduin and Sylvanas are lovers.


As some one who enjoys playing both Factions, I think this sums up how the Alliance Player Base might feel if they had the Horde Story foisted upon them.


At this pont I do not even think that would be a bad idea.

I think that is more or less how some feel when after the building up hatred and annoyance early during BfA, the end was “oh well, time for peace!! Mandatory”.

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