Torghast Floor 6 boss not awarding Soul Ash

@title, after 9.0.5 dropped, Soul Ash is not being awarded after you kill the boss on the last floor of Torghast (Upper Reaches and Mort’regar).


Same thing happened to me and my friend… No soul ash. I want my 30 minutes back

Yep same thing happened to me just now

Same for me with Upper Reaches 8

yep same here

happened to me but only for upper reaches

Is this fixed yet? Or will people be reimbursed for the soul ash since they spent the time and DESERVE IT.

Update to the situation: waited something like 2h before trying Torghast again. Went Mort’regar, finished it, and got the Soul Ash. After that, I also finished Upper Reaches and got the remaining Soul Ash. I don’t know if I did something that bugged my first 2-wings attempts. Only thing I actually did in both these runs 2 hours laters was grabbing the anima power from the event, that makes your screen pitch black. Other than that, it might have been hotfixed a few moments later. Cheers!