Torghast changes for healers and tanks

Meanwhile a ton of anima powers have been buffed. You’ll be fine. I mean it doesn’t make it fun. It’s still a pain in the toosh.

You know I don’t know what my point was. It’ll still suck. Mostly.


reading the list…

they nerfed just as many, and the ones they nerfed, they nerfed much harder than any they buffed


Mages just got hit hard with the nerf bat where I don’t think I’ll even be able to solo them any longer.

Can’t say I’m happy atm.


I don’t get this change at all. It already took an eternity for my healer to clear and now it will take even longer.


oh god… every expansion they balance classes and specs around one of the rogue specs (usually sin). So we never see drastic changes. Could it be they’re balancing torghast around rogues? The rogue like, rogue-like?

Looks like straight nerfs to me.


I just stopped in the middle of a run on my resto druid because it was taking too long and I wasn’t enjoying it at all. First thing I see on wowhead when I log off is they are increasing the health and damage of mobs, specifically for healers/tanks.

Nobody…not one person, is out here saying “gosh, I wish Torghast runs lasted a lot longer!” How can they be so out of touch with the player base?


Welp, I guess I won’t be bothering with Torghast now.


That’s it, it’s just simply not fun.

I don’t like fill the bar world quests, why would Torghast be engaging content to anyone? I don’t get it!


Nah at least you don’t fill the bar and get hit with crap anima powers and a boss you can’t defeat for no reward other than a repair bill with the WQ.


thank god i have my legendary ,im thinking bout skipping this week of torgast lol


What are you talking about? All the mage changes were a buff except for runecloth wrappings which was an inconsistent strategy that you shouldn’t have been going for anyways.

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Boring pad content that somehow a percentage of the community has convinced themselves they are competing some serious difficult content.


i think its really fun personally. i need to gear up a bit more to not get one shot by things in higher levels, but that gives me something to aim for. though i understand you mythic raid on 500 alts so it’s not as fun for you.

I had tanks and healers telling my rogue that soloing Torghast was amazing and that I didn’t pick the right class… Even tho I have a healer alt… Guess they get to join the rest of us plebs.

Edit: Oh and BTW I’ve mained a rogue since I first started playing… I picked up healing as a secondary to help out friends/guild.

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Oh joy. Why don’t they add timers too while they’re at it. As if the boss soft enrage stacks weren’t enough.


I guess rogues complained so much that papa blizz turned the car around and now we’re all going home instead of Disneyland.


Mindlessly clearing floors of enemies to get rng powers to fight a buggy boss is not anymore engaging than doing wq with the exception of the time spent doing them.


Yeah let’s make it miserable for more people instead of making it way easier for DPS.



Hoping for one Runecloth isn’t really an inconsistent strategy because it’s generally a powerful opener until you have to go ham. I expected it to get nerfed. I didn’t expect them to cap it at 3 and then have the % reduced to 500% so it can cap for 1500% total.

The Phylactery nerf was unnecessary as well since all your stack get spent once you use Frost Bolt/Fireball/Arcane Blast.

But hey, our barrier got buffed…wooo. Yeah!.. happy clap…

The Pandemonium Lens is the only buff I’m excited about.

It’s w/e though, I’ll just shoot to duo them instead of solo.