Torghast bug

I was running Torghast (Twisting corridors) Floor 11. I used fel rush to break some of the jars. At this point I had 54 anima powers. I fell through the floor. First it said disconnected from game. I reconnected and when I signed in my character fell to death. Started the floor again and I was weak. Raised max health blah blah and my health was back to normal. Only some of my anima powers were working. Mobs I would decimate in a couple hits I couldn’t even stand one on one and get destroyed. Why is there still bugs like this. Hours of work gone.

I honestly dont think these are read anymore like they were back in the day. You created a ticket and a GM would contact you directly. This whole write on a forum and “wait” for someone to write in your thread is just absurd. Still no response on another thread I wrote. Fix the bugs. I shouldn’t be able to STILL fall through the floor at this point of this patch!