Thank you!


The Riviera is looking for a holy priest for our AOTC Raid Team 2.

We raid Wed&Fri 8-1030p est

As a guild, we are 5/10M, and push tons of keys throughout the week as well as RBGs throughout the week.

We are very active outside of raids, and are definitely developing into a thriving community.

Please toss me an add @ Fetty#11273 on bnet! Hope to hear from you!

Sent bnet request

We’re a group of 90’s gamers that are motivated about killing end game content on a small schedule. We wish to recruit quality Warcraft players over bodies. We’re not a “social” guild, but we do take in friends & family for Normal nights. Once Heroic is on a clean farm we’ll help F&F get their AOTC.

We have lots of WoW experience within our team. There is no guild ranking structure - just a raid lead. You get to be apart of a team, not just a raider. We look into everyone’s performance to make sure we can extract the most out of every kill.

2.5 hr raid night.
LF focused, raid ready players.
Weekly Heroic clears.
Need more for Mythic. Prepping for next Tier mythic progression!


  • Blue/Green Parses in current tier [by ilvl or overall]
  • +200 ilvl
  • Willingness to listen and learn.

LFM DPS & Heal
2 / 2 Tanks
2 / 3 Healers
1 / 1 Heal + DPS OS
9 / 14 DPS

Wed/Thur Raid | Monday ‘Guild Night’ | 8:30pm - 11:00pm est (server)
10/10 N
10/10 H
warcraftlogs .com/guild/calendar/589511/

Mondays are reserved for guild wishes. Achievs, progression, keys, etc…