Topic: Leveling Zones

Hi I noticed that on the Map That the new Leveling zones that require level 60-70 are not labeled like all the other zones, being someone who might have returned to the game after leaving for awhile this might be a good option to add the requirement of being 60-70 due to not knowing everyone completely like a veteran player!

So with this Said Dragon Isles is 60-70 not for level 45s like me on my rogue!

P.S Great job with the game. I really like the updates! :slight_smile:

While trying to find a way to Battle for Azeroth islands I accidentally took the boat to the Dragon Islands on my lvl 53 druid. Just for kicks I thought I’d see how the first mobs went … yah not so well! (also couldn’t pick up any quests)

Unfortunately the devs don’t come to this particular forum for feedback. It’s a good suggestion, just in the wrong spot. Some of the places that they monitor are community forums such as general discussion, and by using the in game feedback tool found in the help menu, it directs your suggestion directly to the developers.

I thought it would be a good spot to put it!

Thanks for the advice!