Top the snipershot damage thread

He said it was a pug v pug match, and you’re screeching like a mental patient about premades again. Sounds like his analysis was spot on.

You think that’s ^ “screeching” LOL, more like laughter… Stop the gaslighting cheater… Isn’t it bad enough you clowns have no moral compass but to resort to gaslighting too? I guess it’s to be expected.

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I don’t queue sync. You might want to get your head examined.

It´s a thread about topping the max sniper shot damage

Your Hunter was Yummy :yum:

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i love how pain derailed another thread to take people’s attention off MM hunters…again. lol!

Yet my very first post in this thread above was – “Sniper shot needs a major nerf, or to be removed from the game…”

just poking fun at you lol.

i always PI you but you never notice.


I’m getting hit by 700k snipers consistently now. It’s going to be over 1M in full gear. My guess is it caps out around 60% of our max hp

Was doing 50% of my healers hp last season

remember when we thought gpie was bad?

lul hold my beer

sniper shot double the range
sniper shot double the damage
sniper shot half the cast time


another awesome thing this game needs is more aoe/micro CC.

make it so hunters r the only ones who can play the game, give them 800 yard range (like a real gun) and let every1 in the team fight be CC forever

They should replace Rapid Fire by Rapid Sniper Shot.


Class tuning coming tomorrow…

I’m good with it.


This just shows either blizzard does not care at all about pvp or some dev is playing a MM hunter.


Dont worry, it only does 15% of targets health if you trust the tooltip change on Tuesday…lol

We should all post sniper shot pics on twitter to blizzard, would be fun :slight_smile:

Yeah going to be fun getting plowed by 600k sniper shots into another 300-400k from rapid fire and then an aimed shot.

Great game design. Meanwhile, DK death strike is still gutted in pvp.

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I say just play whatever’s powerful at the moment because they’re gonna keep doing tuning.

yeah but if you want to use other abilities you need to get within 60 yards of the enemy and that is very risky

Rapid Sniper Double Tap

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I’ll take a 7 jump trick shot sniper double tap with 100% more shots from Tier.

We should work for blizz.

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