Top 10 complaints tomorrow

(Yayayayayaya) #11

Horde bias.

(Cangremon) #12

“It’s 10:00 pm and I can’t log on!”

(Nightblade) #13

No Flying?!

(Sevaryn) #14

“That’s it?!”

(Sevaryn) #15

Pretty sure they’re talking about the scrap currency. IIRC the mythic az pieces are like 6x more expensive than heroic.


Yeah that’s not what that means at all. Basically it means that the specific pieces of 385 Azerite will cost a large amount of the currency that will take a few weeks to earn.

It gives the similar vibe to me as badges did back in the day.


The top complaint will be that maintenance lasts until 6 PM EST.

(Samhoof) #18

What can I say I’m a rebel I’m going to break the rules of writing.


Frost mages will probably be up there. Mages in general have been getting some sub-bar treatment for some time, now.

(Milkshooter) #20

Can’t delete keys

(Legionkiller) #21

With this currency you are giving us is it only earned through the mythic chest or can say a player like me who doesn’t do mythics earn it as well through other means?

(Warvolk) #22

Blizzard is forcing me to: pvp/pve/rp/ie/bg/grind/pet battle/lfr/put up with lfr/warfront/mythic+/raid/deal with toxic/be toxic/login/logout/unsub/drink too much/eat too much/play other mmos/read my map/socialize with others/not socialize with others/vent on gd.

Edit: I forgot use my ground mount.

(Wasselin) #23

A few weeks or a few months. Cause right now it looks like it will take quite a while to earn enough to get that specific 385 piece.

(Samhoof) #24

Thanks for clarifying blue man.

(Aehl) #25
    • Players who have unlocked World Quests at level 120 on at least one character will have Assault World Quests available to any of their other characters.

These are 110 -120 only, correct?

(Stabalicious) #26

If the values listed on WoWhead are accurate, and assuming you are scrapping pieces you get from other content, you should get a random piece either every week or every other week. Targeting a specific piece will probably take 3-4 weeks, or upwards of 2 months if you are relying solely on M+ cache.

This seems pretty inline with our current rate of getting the piece we want. I’ve been sitting on the same 3 azerite pieces since October. (I’ve received a lot more pieces since then, but none that were an upgrade).

In the new system I could have already purchased 1 or 2 of my BIS.


It is earned through your weekly cache and from salvaging Azerite pieces you’ve obtained post 8.1.

The timing is something we’re going to watch and see how it feels. I will likely make a blue post after the system is up for a few weeks asking what you guys think about it.

(Muiria) #28

why are invasions on a timer! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

(Kahless) #29

I’m going with old reliable: Horde bias confirmed.

Runner up: why isn’t my idiosyncratic playstyle the singular focus of this update?

(Stabalicious) #30

Hi Ythisens,

Thanks for the info! So it’s confirmed that last boss of each M+ will drop Residuum? So this currency is actually farmable?

Are you able to share how much you would get from a +10 completion? or is it like hydrocores where its basically the same regardless of difficulty?