<Tools of Chaos> (A) Casual AOTC guild recruiting DPS. 9/11H

Tools of Chaos (Alliance) is a casual multi-AOTC guild LF DPS to round out our Wednesday night progression group. If you are a chill person and excel at your class, we’d love to talk with you.

We run:

[TUESDAY] Open invite (to guild) normal raids. 239 ilvl required.

[WEDNESDAY] Heroic Progression night. Invite only for those who have been accepted onto the team. (Currently need DPS)

[SATURDAY] Open invite (to guild) Heroic raids. 255 ilvl and 6k average DPS required.

Contact Tethmes#1322 (btag) or Tethmes#6516 (discord) for details or with any questions.

Thanks for looking!

11/11H now! Fix it! Lmao