Too many guilds not enough active players

Hi there. So the guild I’m in has unfortunately moved on to bigger and better things. This leaves me in the position of looking for a new place to plant my roots.

I logged in and started searching the guild finder tool just to find the most “populated” guilds only had 1 or 2 active people at the time of the search, with the outliers having a low of 0 and high of 7. The guild with 7 active players did not fit the goals of a semi-casual, late night/weekend raider, as such it would not have been a good fit. I did a /who on 20+ guilds that showed a populace of 300 or higher and ended up giving up.

My point; I noticed most of the guilds were recruiting for the same raid schedules, had similar progress raid wise and each had a couple active players at the time of the search. If those guilds consolidated then there would be more people in active guilds running group content and far less people complaining about the group finder issues.

It’s just my opinion however I’d like to see Blizzard add an incentive for active player count vs the old guild achievement system.

BTW: I’m still looking for a half decent guild to join. Not looking to bump raid spots but I’m willing to fill in where I can, when I can. I’m mostly in search of people to run the weekly M+ and I’m happy with a weekly alt normal clear. Thrall only and an average active player count higher than 5 people and their alts please :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

I have noticed and agree with your theory. As the GM of Familio on Mal’Ganis I am looking to provide a home for others who want an active guild with the opportunity of raiding & M+.

We do have a lot of druids in the guild, but that is not necessarily a bad thing :slight_smile:

Ulamogg#1717 is my btag. Message me for more info if you are interested!

We have a pretty active guild on area 52, Weekdays are our busiest times, we raid Tuesday and Thursday for heroic, and Wednesday is our regular run for new players or players that just want to have fun. we are semi hardcore, we beleive life comes first. We do many M+ keys through the week etc, if you think you want to check us out message me in game, or add me on bnet, cenaja#1889

Thank you. I’m not looking for change servers right now however.

I have a character on Area 52. Would take a while to catch up and it’s a lone character. Thrall has the lions share of my resources. I will give this some real thought. Perhaps a catch up will be added sooner than later for alts.


Server switching is not necessarily a bad thing since you can use that lion’s share to buy up things like heirlooms and game time.

We are very active.

Hi Darkwraith! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!