Tomorrow Dec 10th the QQ's about BG Q's

And for some SICK reason they ignored us entirely on LOCAL SERVER BG’s possibley the most important thing to the PVP community.

They also appear to ignore us on Ridiculous Leeway and this artificial spellbatching garbage that’s harming the PVP side of the game.

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they knew how imbalanced the servers would be and that horde would have 3 hour queues if they weren’t cross realm. that’s the reason they are.

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I don’t think horde will have that bad of queues at least to start. Over time pve alliance will be over it and horde queue will get bigger.

I thought they said something along the lines of battlegroups consisting of regions, Ie. Oceanic, East coast, West coast etc

IMO that was kinda enabled by announcing CRBG’s long ago before the game shipped…

Players would have been a lot more careful about server / faction selection if they had worries of BG’s Q’s due to local server only PVP.

BUT because Blizzard chose the CRBG’s rout, here we are.

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The “battlegroup” includes every server in the region. PvP, PvE, RP…

The overall population isn’t badly imbalanced, so I don’t expect BG queues to be bad at all.


Hopefully they listened about the AV version.


They are separated by region and the way the worded it leads me to believe all of NA will be queued together.

Probably won’t be that bad for horde tbh. You guys might have like a 10 min queue while ally have instant queues but it’s not gonna be anything crazy.

Kinda what I suspected… EU, NA, SA, Downunder, etc.

I never understood the demonization of premades. It is akin to complaining that guilds form raid groups that are not made up of random pubbies.


Given how long the maintenance is, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any real complaints until the 11th.


LOL likely right.

People that don’t have any friends are generally pretty angry that others do


I strongly suspect at this point is that the leeway and batching mechanics are merely to cover for the glaring underlying flaws of the server architecture.

Many Normal realm PvPers are self aware enough to avoid gameplay they don’t enjoy - wPvP

Looks like roughly 50/50 anyway? Some more Horde heavy some more Alliance.

They say it’s still restricted to your region so you better check the population of your region’s servers, since horde is favored across all servers they’re still gonna have a long wait.

do you honestly think mr joe alliance raider who only wants the gear from it to raid is going to keep queueing indefinitely? it might start out even but eventually hordes queues will be ridiculous.


Why would the queue times be different in the first place?