Tol Barad PVP

Why do people still go there to troll the other faction? On my server, it is literally always alliance in control. Every time I go to take it, I am immediately outnumbered 3-1 with well-geared players (470+). Even this Monday morning at 3 am. What is the draw here? I just want it for 1 hour to do a skinning quest and you can have it forever. Why does this type of PVP have take away from PVE? I have no interest in PVP, 1. I suck at it, and 2. I find it boring, lazy content. Oh, let’s go smash our faces together so I can steal this stupid flag, or stand in this spot for 5+mins doing nothing to capture this zone.
I know people love the strategy and the thrill, it’s just not what I want to do in a video game, and I don’t see why this content prevents me from doing something that should have nothing to do with PVP.

Wait so, let me get this straight.

You are complaining that you can’t win an objective, during a PvP driven battle, but you also think PvP is boring and stupid, as well as the event itself?

I’m done.


If don’t like pvp why are you in WM?

Welcome to the question pvpers have been asking this entire expac. Why must I pve to pvp?

Tol Barad was cata version of winter grasp.

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To be fair, Tol Barad is a PVP game regardless of if you have Warmode on or off.
He most likely has Warmode off.

Then…bring some friends to help you.
Bring a 40 man raid if you have to, but if you’re only being outnumbered 3-1, when it’s just you, then turning the tables should be VERY easy.

If remember correctly it would notify you when it was about to start and ask if you want to protisapate in the event.

Also I almost grantee this admitted potato has wm on.

Also try leaving your faction hub a little more so I can catch you in the world. :yum:

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The OP is doing one of the legion leatherworking quests. Those required going to various old raids and killing and skinning some old bosses and one of those went to Tol Barad, which is a pvp area similar to Wintergrasp before Blizz turned that into a bg. If the OP wants to complete the quest he’ll have to figure this out.

People still go there and do the various dailies for xmogs. That means they will attack opposite faction members.

My advice OP is get some help from friends/guildies or form a custom TB group.

So make a raid and list it in the communities.