Token "Internal Auction Error"

I’m getting this error when trying to purchase a token on the AH. I have purchased game time with real money, and also did a complete UI reset. I submitted a ticket, but wanted to post here to see if there is a solution?

Pretty sure a ticket the only way to get it sorted at least by the article i found but to be clear when u say u did a full UI reset u deleted/renamed/moved the wtf/cache/interface folders not just uninstaling or disabling them

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Have you been able to purchase them before? Or is this your first time trying to purchase one on the AH?

Yeah, that is what I did. Follwed the instructions of the blue article.

Ive bought them since before 2017 for my sub, but renewed my sub with a CC for my most recent sub which started on Dec 1st. In order to meet the requirement to purchase tokens.

I don’t know if it will help, but one last trick to try would be a second full UI reset (renaming the 3 folders) and then completely logging out of the launcher and back in again.

Personally, while it’s a little overkill, I’d log out of the launcher, reboot my computer, and then log back in again. But that’s me.

I’m honestly not sure it’ll make a difference, but it’s worth a shot while you wait on your ticket.

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“After November 21, 2023, any player who cannot purchase a WoW Token for gold in-game will need to first purchase and consume at least 30 days of game time for real money.”

I think the gametime has to be used fully before you can buy a token again.
At least that’s how I understood the bluepost.


Gave it shot, no change. Was worth a try though.

Maybe that’s it.

Hey! I’ve done the exact process you’ve went through and have the exact same issue. I’ve also been purchasing tokens since before 2017, so this came out of left field for me. I don’t know what else to do in order to resolve this save for waiting out the full 30 days and hoping for the best.

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Yeah it seems this is the issue. Here is an article updated 2 days ago.
“The first paid month needs to have fully passed.”

Good for bots, but frustrating for someone like me with multiple accounts and no way to consolidate game licenses under 1 Bnet.

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You can have up t 8 wow licenses under 1 bnet account.

Yes, I didn’t realize this or think it would be an issue when I created my “2nd” account years ago.

What you can’t do is move a game license from 1 Bnet to another Bnet, both with the same owner info. So now I have to pay real money for both, instead of just using tokens. Like I said, frustrating. But is what it is.

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You can transfer toons from one account to the other i believe however all BOA mounts/pets except for a few wont transfer.


I think they changed their policy recently. I submitted a ticket to do that and they said they used to do it but can’t/won’t now.

Edit: Oh yeah toons you can, sorry I misread.

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You can still do a paid transfer from one WoW license on one of your Battle Net accounts to a different WoW license of a different Battle Net account of yours.

What they stopped doing was moving the WoW licenses themselves.

More info here:

The Character Transfer service allows you to move characters to other realms, different World of Warcraft accounts, or from one account to another. To transfer a character to another account, both accounts must be registered under the same account holder name. It is not possible to transfer a character to another person.

It is not possible to transfer a character between Modern WoW, WoW Classic, and Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

In addition, when transferring to another account

  • Your old character name can only be used on the source account for the next 90 days
  • Your user interface settings may reset
  • Your friends list and ignore list will not transfer
  • Account-wide unlocks
    • Your account-wide achievements won’t transfer. Only achievements that are character-specific may transfer
    • Your account-wide mounts won’t transfer
    • Your account-wide unlocks will not transfer over to the new account. For example, if you have unlocked World Quests in Zaralek Caverns, Battle for Azeroth Essences, Torghast or Twisting Corridor progress, or Shadowlands legendary power recipes on your main account, you will need to unlock them on your new account
    • Pathfinder achievement:
      • If the transferred character has completed the Pathfinder achievement, the character will retain Pathfinder abilities and flight skill, but will not unlock Pathfinder for other characters in the new account
      • If the transferred character hasn’t completed the Pathfinder achievement yet, but has progressed through the achievement, this partial progress will not transfer, and cannot be repeated on this character on the new account
      • Pathfinder progress earned on other characters in the source account will not transfer
    • Any item in the Collections tab will likely not transfer, and any item lost in this way will not be restored by Customer Service
  • PvP progress
    • Your Honor level will not transfer
    • At the end of a PvP season, we recommend that you transfer only after receiving the rewards

Yeah, I misread. I didnt realize the topic got switched to toons.

Overall if there would’ve been better clarity on the “consume” part of the restriction, along with enough notice in advance would have been helpful in this situation. We got a 30 day restriction but less than 30 day notice. Then I could’ve just continued to gift game time to the 2nd Bnet, but now I’m restricted with the 2nd Bnet sub ending.

Ill put it in the suggestion box for future implements I guess.


I’ve waited out the 30 days until the sub ran out, and now I can’t buy a token because I now have a trial/free account.

So I am now at a new loss as to what to do next. I thought the sub I bought would of extended the one I already had by however many days, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Have you completely logged out of the game and logged back in since the 30 days finished up? Sometimes it needs that hard reset to refresh things like this. That would be the first thing I would suggest.

But that aside, if you set up a recurring subscription to be billed each month, that would have renewed itself, unless there was some issue with the payment going through. Even if you’ve got a trial/free account and you’ve got the available gold on Retail (not in a guild bank, but across the characters you have on a realm), it should pull from them to give you the option to purchase a token to be used.


I logged out of everything, and it appears to be a no go in terms of being able to buy a token. No option pops up. The ‘Resubscribe Now’ button leads me to the option of buying another Subscription.

I had ended my subscription before it renewed on assumption that once it fully ran out, I could go back to buying Tokens. This doesn’t appear to be the case.

Additionally, so the base is also covered, I do also have enough gold on my characters collectively for a token.

So. I am wondering on what options I presently have. I still have plenty of gold on my account to buy a token but the game will not let me because I have a trial/unsubscribed account.

Since I recently bought (and let run out) a month sub. If I were to subscribe again, would I then be able to buy WoW tokens with gold again? Because I’m worried that if I put more money into resolving this, and it not working out, then I am just out of $ and back to square one.

If you have enough gold among all of your characters on a single Modern World of Warcraft realm, and the account is inactive, you should be given the option to use that gold to purchase a WoW Token for game time.