Today's lesser vision is still just 1500 coalescing visions

And here I thought things were getting buffed… ah well, time-gate lives on.

They said Lesser Threats were buffed, but they didn’t mean “daily lesser visions” I guess… sigh.

So more doing these incredibly boring, non-challenging, non-engaging dailies for a much-longer period than the single fun horrific vision content run… rox on.

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Yeah, I didn’t think I was getting any more of than before the hot fix for doing WQ, daily visions or the invasions. I wonder if something got screwed up when they deployed the hot fix.

Things did get buffed. I don’t believe the lesser vision was listed as getting buffed, though.


Well the patch notes were wrong, they increased the daily quests by 30% not 50% and then changed the patch notes to match that after the patch went live.


Ahh… I missed the updated notes. Thanks for the information.

Kaivax admitted it was a typo on their part and proceeded to correct it everywhere it was listed incorrectly.

Look. I didn’t sleep well. Woke up with a headache. Only one of yall are allowed to post here at a time.

mumbles to himself about people with names 1 letter off

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Lol, you know, I’ve never really looked at his name next to mine until this.