Today's Dreamseed Hotfixes

No, sadly.

Nah Korthia had some cool stuff once you finished dalies and rares. You would use the rift key to go into the other dimension or whatever where it was super dangerous and fight stuff for big rep and there was also that mega giant treasure chest you had to drag to the Maw from Korthia. You also had that toy that gave you 500% movespeed mount for 60 seconds at a time.

I loved this about Korthia. Necrolords needed to start that fly boss and then people had to help collect corpses. You could track that giant dog thing and fight him at the end of the path. There was the guy who you had to like wait for him to get huge, but you had to like stop all the idiots trying to dps him down right away. Every covenant had a specific rare / event rare that they could help people summon.

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That statement is incorrect.

Did you actually try engaging with this system yet? Do you know how it works?

No rep for a player if they do not contribute their own seed….

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…yep, here we are. The revisionist history about how Korthia was a cool zone all along.

Korthia was despised.

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It was despised because it was a forced grind for player power. Not because the zone was empty. Also because it was daily and weekly timegated, but Blizzard is unable to design content without feeling the need to timegate it somehow.

Objectively Korthia had like 10x the amount of activities and unique events than the new zone.


The Problem is here players seem to enjoy the grinding and in some cases it is even mandatory at 5 rep per seed and there is no other noticeable activity you could do in the first week of a patch - I get you want to time gate to have the zone last longer, so ppl stay hooked, but that is designing it for playtime matrix. Instead of time gating the content in a zone, have every few weeks updates to a zone (doesn’t have to be huge content just some neat stuff maybe additional renown levels with other rewards) to keep them refreshing, that way you create long-lasting content.

See it this way as well - if you want to gate it, make it at least worth the time and also get rid of that RNG Superbloom of the 250 Rep and balance it at 375 Rep.

For the Seeds after the 5th, reward players with 15 Rep per Seed up to 30 depending on the seed quality - 5 Rep per Seed isn’t worth the time which makes it dead on arrival and will result in players less engaging with it. It is a good thing out of my PoV if players actually engage with the system because it was fun doing and your time as a player was valued (20 - 40 Rep).

You somehow managed to nuke a Rep Grind PPL enjoyed doing and replaced it with another “weekly”. The Game really needs engaging Content for those that have the time and want to spend it in the open world. With Dailies becoming bi-weekly you really have no daily content in the game anymore besides Dungeons.


Not by me. I loved the place and loved the upgrade system. It had a few things that could’ve been tweaked, but I farmed the begeezus out of that place and loved it.

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Yeah five rep per seed simply is not worth anyone’s time.

So there is basically nothing to do in the zone until next week I guess.

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Most based community council take. :heart_decoration:

Yes. This is an MMO. Let us grind. Timegates suck.

After I do the 5 rares, the super bloom, and 5 flowers a week there’s nothing else to do in the zone. That’s crazy! There was the one combat event that was basically just go to this little area and kill grey trash mobs for 5 minutes, but…

Maybe they’re holding back a bunch of unique and fun zone events :slight_smile:

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Huh? I’m not on CC?

Yes, have participated in them. It’s highly RNG, but you can get rep gain with just dewdrop participation like these comments show:

Meant to reply to the post above yours mb.

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I have had 3 drop lol.

Lol, wow.

No, that was hot fixed as you can see in the blue post above.


Even the blue post says that.

Not every bloom is large or medium, though.

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I do see where there was a period of time that this was turned off. But I’ve been getting rep without contributing seeds. It seems I’m falling into the latter, where I’ve been able to reap the benefits of the hotfix.

lol I’m no mature enough to keep using this verbiage to describe the currency; darn you blizz

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No, only for large and medium blooms. That is not every one.

So you don’t automatically get rep for simply contributing dew drops.

Correct. it is RNG, but that’s where I mentioned that more participation in-zone, the more other’s help provide their own seed…man, thanks blizz…the greater yield one’s dewdrop-only contribution can be.

I guess I’m not describing my take well. But the more folks that are participating, the more chances for RNG you have. If you’re in a zone where no one is calling out when a dreamseed event is starting, you’ll have less of a chance for them to successfully complete