Today's Dreamseed Hotfixes

Why would it be so bad if we were able to infinitely farm dream wardens rep?

You gated the infinite augment rune behind 18 renown and you made it so that the only way to obtain augment runes is through tank and healer satchels for Dungeons and LFR.

Like why must blizzard always find as many ways as possible to disrespect the player’s time?

Would it be so bad if the game were actually just fun to play at the beginning of a patch/expansion?

Not only did you do this but you also made the ilvl gap much wider than usual. Now all the 447-450 gear that I worked for last season is literally useless on day one of the patch.

Like I just don’t know, there are no words for how poorly this patch has been handled.


Helps to read past the first sentence.

You get five rep per seed after the first 250x5.

That is not even worth the time I would spend waiting for the seed to finish growing.


So? You can still grind. If you don’t want to do it, that’s a you problem. My guildies had fun doing it.

LOL “I have no real argument so I’ll just try to insult you without a clue what I’m talking about.” :rofl: You weren’t worth responding to.

Actually you can’t, no one has an endless supply of seeds and it would be a huge waste of resources to use a seed for five rep.

I wouldn’t mind this change if it was daily rather than weekly. Although I would recommend upping the rep value of the seeds after. 5 Rep per when you need thousands of rep per renown is not exactly farmable.


You just… can’t be wrong, huh?
Always coming in with those technicalities lol


Limited supply of seeds paired with it taking 500 seeds to get a single level means no you can not infinite farm this anymore lol


Did anyone actually work on this zone besides the art team? It’s a beatiful zone, but the events and the systems behind them are SOOOOOO undercooked and scarce. After the story quests, I was finished with all the zone content in under 45 minutes (super bloom, 5 or 6 rares, and seeds)

It feels like you don’t have a clear direction you wanted to go with these seeds then all the sudden you’re frantically hotfixing it over and over because people were able to gain like 40 rep at a time?

Either you initially wanted it to be infinitely grindable then someone decided that it should be more timegated or nobody was really paying attention to it and ya’ll just phoned it in.


Where am I wrong? Blizz said you can grind. You can. Dude even said you could. So where’s that wrong?

What technicalities?

Do y’all just like to make stuff up?

I would like to politely inform you that you are incorrect.

You can’t just endlessly grind the seeds required to get the rep.

You can infinitely farm the dew drops but as blizzard states, this change made it so that you get zero rep if you don’t use a seed.

So, no. It cannot be infinitely Grinded because you don’t have infinite seeds.

Thank you for your input, though.

Yeah no, the amount of seeds you can get after you complete the quests and weekly bags slows down to an absolute crawl, you arent griding this rep out anymore and now that they took a shotgun to the rep seed groups have all but vanished

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If you combine your seed (heh) with others, in a communal way, it definitely won’t be infinite, but it will greatly expand your grinding ability. I think that’s a worthy goal - to encourage community participation.

You may “only” have 20 seeds, but if I have 20, well, we start to see the ability for grindin’

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what exactly does the pulling weeds and squishing bugs do? I am not seeing a tangible benefit to doing those. killing the lashes gets you dewdrops to use on the seed but the other things?


you get the currency, dewdrops, that allow you to feed them into the seeds to cap 'em out

(digging the mog, btw)

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Before it was a nice way to sustain dew drops when you were mass using them, it would take like 2 bugs to get enough to provide but now you can basically sustain just from the superbloom

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Did you actually engage with this system yet?

Every person has to contribute a seed. If you do not contribute a seed, then you get no rep.

Say there are five people there, then for all five of those people to get rep - all five people need to each individually contribute a seed.

Hmm I havenʻt noticed any dewdrops from pulling or squishing, only from killing the lashers

That’s what I thought. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, sadly.