To The Test: Concentrated Sophic Vellum

Today I was fortunate enough to receive the Legendary Axe drop from Fyrakk, much to my excitement. What I was not expecting was literally the worst quest that I’ve ever experienced in the entirety of World of Warcraft.

This portion of the Legendary Questline requires the user to return “Order Magic” back into an enchanted vellum which they acquire after recruiting a friendly enchanter/enchantress to create a vellum with an obscene amount of materials. They use the quest item: [Shalasar’s Sophic Vellum]. It has a 5 minute Cooldown and it launches seemingly random projectiles into the air which they should attempt to catch on the ground which will provide a random extra action ability to consume 10 of an Awakened Element to create a [Stabilized Element], which will then provide them with an extra action ability to Resolve that Element for a mere 5% Quest Progress.

Here are the issues:

  1. When collecting the buff from the projectile splashes, the buffs can replace one another, or even outright completely erase one another, wasting the user’s 5 minute cooldown.
  2. Sometimes the extra action ability to Stabilize an Element simply disappears for seemingly no reason whatsoever.
  3. In the event the user successfully acquires the extra action to Stabilize the Element and does so, if they are targeting an NPC (The Auctioneer for example) when attempting to Resolve the Element with the next extra action, it will launch the resolved element at the NPC, completely wasting the 5 minute Cooldown, their materials, and their gold. This has a 100% repro rate as of today’s live build.
  4. This quest is not fun. It is not engaging. It is not interactive. It is thematically boring.
    It is frustrating. And it actively deters the user from playing the title. Pragmatically, the path to completing this quest is to AFK at the auction house, pray to even get an extra action button, pray it’s one of the less expensive Awakened Elements, and then not target anything. THEN, wait 5 minutes, and start the prayer once more.


I as an end-user would like to see this quest outright scrapped and overhauled. I think it would not only be more user-friendly, but also more thematic and more interactive if the user was encouraged to participate in some form of content that isn’t AFK’ing 5 minutes at a time. Remove the variance element entirely. Perhaps send the user to various zones / dungeons in which they can acquire a quest currency that drops from various elemental/elemental themed mobs to contribute to stabilizing the elemental energy of the vellum. This could be by way of Primalist Storms, Dungeons, World Quests, or even Raids. This way the user could reasonably complete this quest solo, or interactively with other players while actually playing the title.

Alternatively, quick fix this quest by vastly increasing the % rate of completion, remove the variance, and fix the targeting bug.


Ran into this same problem. This quest is the hallmark of “devs don’t play the game”. What an actual joke.


The work-around is on Wowhead… you go into the Proving Grounds and every time you tell the panda to start a scenario the vellum cd gets reset… so even if buggy you can finish very quickly…

Work-around =

Make sure you’re not targeting anyone else when you click the item to “Return Resolved Element” it will waste the charge and the mats. Blizzard, please do better, this is one of the worst and punishing quests out there.

Also the workaround at the Garrison makes this BARELY tolerable. Thanks to those for letting me know about it.

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