To the Lucky ones who got in


I am sure if you got in, you are estatic and you want to run around and level up and practice for launch, recruit for you guild and just frolic in the nostalgia, but please remember you got invited for a reason, YouTubers and Twitch streamers are in to promote, you should be there to actually test.
Please actually test, bug things, explore reasons behind those bugs. Don’t just finish a quest and notice it did something weird and just move on. If a dungeon doesn’t feel right or something from live is bleeding through, like if you can somehow open LFG. Please bug it, make sure when this releases we have helped blizzard find these issues and squish them out so we can have a great experience. Also when bugging don’t just say things like “hydra disappeared” or “quest item missing” tell Blizz the zone, the mob name, heck give the coordinates. Be descriptive and make sure the devs can pinpoint the issue, it’s a big game and the more specific you can be the better they can do their jobs.
And to all who got in Congrats, I hope I get into Beta, but if not its 4 months away and I’m super excited and once again thank you Blizz for doing this.


I’m hoping people are testing their class abilities as well. My fear is this will be overlooked by some.

(Darkumzqt) #3

Everyone that I know who got in has been sending multiple big reports etc. Rest assured people are reporting things.

(Cruelint) #4

You realize having 70,000 people watching you play is literally BETTER at having everything detailed and combed over for bugs… Right???


I assure you the streaming is not for bug finding. It may reveal a few and boom complete media, but streamers are going to be more focused on their stream and how to make the show enjoyable, the titles i have worked on in the past have had streamers in there early betas and we used almost none of that to gather bugs, most of the bugs we shifted through were actual reports.


I think both are necessary, blizzard devs can see a clip from the stream of xXlittlebilly360Xx where the bug occured and try to recreate that on the reference original 1.12 client they have and see what happens.


They do use both and both are necessary. But the focus of one is usually not aligned with the other.

(Tuskamus) #8

If you have ever been in any WoW beta then you know you don’t have to worry. Betas have a special interface that allows you to bug report just about anything with the click of a button. Settle down, relax, Blizzard knows what they are doing.

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I’m so happy for you guys!

Could you guys tell me your email address?

I want to send you guys my congratulations.

If you could tell me your city of birth and mothers maiden name I’d appreciate that too…I want it to be a very personal thef…letter for you guys. I :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Also Blizzard is watching streams. So they’re checking those out for bugs as well. :slight_smile:


:joy: tenchar


Yeah, i k ow the interface, but i also know gamers. Need to move onto the next quest, someone else will bug this. While i cant be in the beta i still want to help thats all this post is about.


They rely on data more than visual evidence.


And you need visual evidence to know if something is wrong, and then confirm that is wrong by looking at the data.


Stop gatekeeping with these posts. A beta test is not just “bug fixes” or whatever you have seen in a movie. Just people logging in and downloading the client they are testing things. Just joining and running around helps the game. What doesn’t help are these gatekeeping posts from people so angry they didn’t get in they want other to play how they want.

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I am so tired of this arguement. Yes of course we are going to report bugs, that we know are bugs. Not everything we remember is accurate, not everything is a bug. THe best thing anyone can do in a beta is play the game. JUST PLAY they are recording everything you do. Craft, fish, run around in a circle, fall off things, throw things out of your inventory, try to click npc’s. Wear different clothes. Wear no clothes. Whatever… they are recording everything you do.


Im not angry about not getting in, little dissapointed because i really wanted to sink my teeth into it for a bit and help it ,and people getting in and running around shows little in the way in bug process. I do this for a living, letting people in gathers a specific type of data usually back end information that allows for a smoother launch of core systems. If people dont bug however things go over looked and when the bigger numbers cone accross it , it turns into a far worse issue. Me wanting to be part of the process and hoping people will bug is not me gate keeping. I am not telling people what to do, just reaching out and asking that the beta be treated as such and not as just an early demo