To much mastery?

Going to test out different gear sets in raid tonight but wanted to ask for opinions!

Is the 17 intellect gain better than the mastery gain on the build with less int?
Shadowed orb is a 40 second buff so I would be at 60% mastery almost every other minute. Is that much mastery overkill?
Are any other priests who are stacking mastery seeing a huge jump in their actually EOL healing vs it just contributing to strictly overhealing?

Build 1:
INT - 1927
Crit - 23%
Haste - 9%
Mastery - 44% (60% while under shadowed orb trinket)
Vers - 6%

Build 2 -
INT - 1944
Crit - 29%
Haste - 16%
Mastery - 31% (48% while under shadowed orb trinket)
Vers - 5%

Your two builds would likely contribute to very close in terms of healing numbers. But these days with Flash Conc crit is equal to if not better than mastery in most cases. Not to mention, the value of mastery does kinda depend on healer comp too. If you’re healing with the bare minimum healers required for the fight, you’ll get a lot of value but even one more healer means more sniping and far more EoL overheal. Most every holy priest I’ve seen has much more crit than they do mastery.

Personally, I cast my vote for build 2. Not just more int but also more crit, both add value to EoL naturally. It has more haste too so you’ll be much more reactive to damage coming out. Build 1 heals are going to feel very slow and rely on the slow trickle of EoL which may inch out more hps (or may not), but has a greater chance of letting someone die too. Also bigger faster heals tend to be more fun to me, but of course that’s opinion.

At the end of the day, I don’t think you’ll likely see that big of hps difference in either build here. So if you already have a healer than deal with spikier damage, whichever healing profile you like more you should go for imo.


Holy priest mastery hit diminishing return at 40%. Try to not to go over than that. Swap gear to more crit.

I’m running 33% crit, 11% haste, 40% mastery, and 3% vers. I use Shadowy Orb as well plus Niya on some fights. I can get 65% mastery with them. lol

Even at 61% crit the tooltip says “your direct healing spells heal for an additional 60.8% over 6 second” at 32% crit it says 32.4% over 6 second so it dooesnt seem to be hitting DR even in the 60’s.

I meant you gain lower %mastery past 40% from the stat not lower effectiveness.

Holy priest crit hit DR at 36%.

Mastery for holy priests is great to boost the power of Echo of Light, which is effectively a hot similar to a druid hot. However, holy priest spells like Smite pack a punch. And mastery does nothing for damage, while crit boosts damage and healing.

The DR is accounted for in the conversion between the number value and the percentage, most people don’t even notice the DR unless they’re told it’s there until it gets to the higher percentages.